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WW: The first time I gained!

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CraperMcCrapenstein! This sucks! I followed my points this week, did two hour workouts five times this week and I GAINED .8lbs!

This better be muscle because my lips didn't touch any cake or ice cream this week! Even the week of the binge - where I ate everything I wanted to in three days, I lost weight!!!

I didn't even drink regular Dr. Pepper that was placed in front of me calling out my name "Drink Me! You know you want to!"

I logged in my weight and got the following message:

GREAT JOB for logging your weight! We notice that you've gained a little this week. You should know that gaining weight every now and then is a natural part of the weight-loss journey.

Here are our tips for getting back on track:

Try some of our Meal Ideas, even if it's only for a day or two. Meal Plans are an easy way to kick your weight loss back into gear simply by following them, you'll be well within your goal.

Spice up your exercise routine. Add some hills or stairs to your walks, or have a day off from aerobics and try a strength training class.

Join a Meeting. Lots of people find that the support of a group, the accountability of weekly weigh-ins, and motivation and instruction from a leader is just what they need to stay on track. So click here to find a location near you.

Good luck this week.

Crap! This sucks! My feet are so sore! Is it still worth it though? Yeah, because I still feel good about myself!

Ask me again next week!

Sand, I've gained plenty of weeks. It's part of the process of losing weight. You're still going to be down overall, and it really is great that you're keeping up with it!

Adam always reminds me: It's a marathon, not a sprint. Every week isn't going to be a winner.

Thanks beautiful Jonna for the perspective! I was incredibly frustrated when I first stepped on the scale but have since calmed hown a bit!
Two important scientific facts:
1. Most women do not lose weight one week out of every four. It's a hormonal thing. I read this in my father's diet books when I was five. Yes, I was a freak child who ran out of cereal boxes to read one day.
2. Little ups and downs are just noise. It's the overall downward trend that matters. If I did a regression on your weight loss, the slope would be negative, and children all over the world would clap their hands and cheer!
Keeter, Keeter pumpkin eater - I too was the child who couldn't read enough! When I was three, I'd ask my parents to read me each and every billboard - finally they gave up and bought me a whole slew of books so that I could learn how to read myself. I always excelled at reading in school and was the quiet girl in the corner with a book in my hand.

My favorite days at school were library and bookorder days!

My sister on the otherhand was a huge fan of the traditional oral story of the "Free Beers" (The Three Bears) she asked my dad to tell her that story every night!
You really are my second self and I wish I had known you back then! I would read a book while eating, riding the bus, even walking down the sidewalk on my way home from the library! We could have been bestest book buddies, I tell you!
Oops. Don't be creeped out by the anonymous childhood book buddy stalker. That was me again.
Creepy Book Stalker! I used to check out the same books over and over again. There was a series of books by Carolyn Haywood, the Betsy series that were my favorite.

I remember the cards that were in those books to see who had checked them out contained only my name over and over!
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