Wednesday, May 02, 2007


WW: Month from hell!

OMG have I really been away from my precious blog for over a month! Ugh, and what a month it has been! What a motherfuckingsuckingassratbastard month it has been. It has really been - the month from hell!

You know when you think "Man, everything is going pretty good..........something bad has to happen?"

Well, bad doesn't even began to describe it!

First off the weight! I'm still holding on to the five pounds that were re-gained during my mom's recovery process. While I was really doing good with my diet and exercise, my weight wasn't going down. I was just maintaining that weight so I started weight training and last week I lost two pounds! Yay, two pounds!

And this week I gained 2.8 lbs. So, I basically gained .8 lbs. WTF!?!?!

My cycle it totally off so I thought that it may be due to that but days later - still no cycle!!! I am sore and exhausted! All that work just to gain?!?! Yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat but come on! *shakes fists at universe*

I'm STILL dealing with the whole IRS thing. I sent them this huge envelope basically stating my case. The ad agency which ran the promotion sent me a revised 1099 in which they indicated zero income. I thought I'd see closure soon after that arrived.

Ah, no! IRS sent me a letter thanking me for my response and that they'll contact me letting me know what action they'll take based on the information I submitted. Thus, I'm in limbo with the IRS.

As if the IRS thing wasn't bad enough I am once again a victim of identity theft.

I received a letter from American Express stating that they were closing my account based on my credit record. I've had this account since I was nineteen years old and have always paid my credit cards on time, in full. I almost never carry a balance and by all means should have a spotless credit record.

The same thing happened two years ago but there was nothing on my credit report that indicated that there was a problem with my credit report. Still, the account that was closed to years ago remained closed because according to the issuer, they were unable to re-open closed accounts.

Which I believe is total bullshit but at the time I just shrugged and let it go.

The letter from AMEX states that their decision to close my account is based on the files Experian has on me and that I could contact Experian for copies of these files.

There is the option to check this information online - when I did so, it said that it was unable to process my information as I needed to include the addresses I've resided at within the last two years. I've only lived at this address for the last two years!

I then called the number and had to provide my Name, Address, SSN, Birthdate and after providing all that information it said "Based on the information you provided, we are unable to access your account."

Now I have to send in a letter with some sort of proof that I am indeed myself just to have access to my files.

I am so frustrated with this whole thing. I haven't injured myself in a really long time - since my mom's recovery and because of this I feel vulnerable to injuring myself.

I'm just so overwhelmed and frustrated because it's beyond my control and while I know that I'm innocent in all of this, I feel like there won't ever be any resolution to it all.

I feel so violated and helpless right now and know deep down inside that falling apart won't help my situation any but man, does it sound tempting.

Then yesterday I received what I thought was the PSP game I ordered - except it was a PS2. Being a moron - I decide to place an order at 3:00 in the morning and not check the format of the game before placing the order. I don't even own a PS2! Ugh, to the gift box it'll go.

Oh and I had ordered two bottles of Anna Sui Parfum from the same order as the PS2 game along with Guerlain Coriolan. Well, all three fragrances were to arrive in the same box. Except they didn't.

The only item in the box was Guerlain Coriolan. I contacted Overstock and they said that according to tracking, my package arrived yesterday.

Yes, it arrived I told them but it was missing the two Anna Sui parfums.

They informed me that they are sold out of the Anna Sui parfums and that they'll do a tracking to see if they can locate the missing items and I should hear a response in a couple of days.

Through everything I've remained so positive and now I feel that positivity slowly waining. I just feel both physically and now emotionally exhausted. I've been putting in a lot more energy and focus on my workouts just to let everything out and feel so drained afterward.

Okay, now that that's been said, I'd like to believe that this will be the most negative post ever on the blog this year.

Positivity, positivity, positivity!

Out with the bad and open to the good.


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