Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Iris Nobile

Iris Nobile

I took some time away from wearing the floral fragrances I was used to and have been looking to expand to other florals including irises, I haven't really worn enough iris fragrances. I had heard a lot of raves on Iris Nobile so I was hopeful that it would be a fragrance that I'd like.

The notes in this fragrance are:
Top: iris petals, star anise, tangerine, and bergamot.
Middle: iris petals concréte, cedar flower, and orange blossom water.
Base : iris rhizomes, ambrette crystal, and vanilla.

Upon initial spritz, I could smell the anise which faded after mere seconds. The iris seems to hide behind all the citrus in this fragrance. If you are looking for an iris heavy fragrance, you're going to have to look elsewhere. After wearing it for an hour, it seems as though I'm wearing an orange blossom fragrance with hints of amber and vanilla. This isn't a lush, fresh fragrance, it's rather a warm one. It's a shame that orange blossom and I don't mix well because this is a lovely fragrance.

A little goes a long way with this fragrance as two sprays was all it took to last for several hours. I think it would be a wonderful as a year round morning to evening fragrance.

Iris Nobile retails for $74/1.7 oz. and $118/3.4 oz. and is available where the Acqua di Parma line is sold and online at Luscious Cargo where the price is a bit higher $77/1.7 oz. and $120/3.4 oz. and at Neiman Marcus.


WW: Back on track.

WW: Back on track.

For the last two weeks I was off Weight Watchers for a while, I gained three pounds as a result which serves me right as the last time I logged into WW I had lost three. Because I hadn't exercised in a while I felt incredibly sluggish so it wasn't hard to go back to the healthy eating habits I've adopted since joining WW.

I stepped on the scale this morning to face the truth and logged in my weight and this was the message I got:

GOOD JOB! You've recorded a weight loss since you last stepped on the scale! Big round of applause to you.Keep up the good work and try to log your weight once each week. You'll get a more accurate "picture" of your weight loss, plus you'll be able to enjoy up to date progress charts. .Have a great week.

There is a pair of jeans I won in a contest a while back. They are a cute pair of jeans and that I my motivator for now. I'd like to wear them by the end of the year, so I have almost six months to reach that goal which is attainable if I stay on the right path!

Monday, May 30, 2005


flowerbelle lielac

Flowerbelle lielac

I've been seeing the fragrances by flowerbelle on several sites but hadn't yet had the opportunity to test any of them until now. Today I'm wearing lielac (I kept the spelling in lowercase as that's how they have it spelled on their site.)

On the flowerbelle site, lielac is described as jasmine, ylang-ylang, and lilac combined with fresh orange-neroli creates a stimulating ultra-feminine delicacy.

La Creme Beauty lists the notes as:

Top: Tangerine, neroli, orange
Middle: Jasmine, ylang ylang, lilac
Bottom: Vanilla, musk

It starts off with citrus notes, but that soon fades after application. It's primarily a lilac heavy fragrance with a hint of jasmine. I don't really smell anything else in this fragrance but it doesn't make it any less special. If you like Sha but are looking for a more vibrant lilac fragrance, this is something you must try. The staying power of this fragrance is incredible as one spray lasted for hours, this would be a summer fragrance!

lielac retails for $28/1.7 oz and is available at B-glowing and La creme Beauty

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Fraicheur Muskissime

Fraicheur Muskissime

The fragrances from the Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier always seem to work on me. My favorite from this line is Fleur des Comores but it seems that I like every single one that I test, Fraicheur Muskissime is no exception.

The notes in Fraicheur Muskissime are: Red currant, black currant, blueberries and raspberries musk note and bergamot orange.

Luscious Cargo lists these notes: Blackberries, musk, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine

Aedes lists the notes as:

Top: Blackcurrant, lemon, grapefruit
Middle: Blackberry, raspberry, jasmine
Base Note: Mysore sandalwood, musk.

It started off musk heavy when I dabbed the fragrance, only after it dried was I able to take in the sweetness of the fragrance. Then it wears as a citrus heavy fragrance, with hints of the fruits, sandalwood and musk. I smell a some sort of sweet spice in here, like a really light cinnamon and the berries aren't a fresh berry fragrance, more like cooked berries if that makes any sense. For a few hours, it smells like a woody, slightly powdery, fruity fragrance. This fragrance then comes full circle and it's back to the musk which is the only note left.

I think this would wear really well on both sexes and is suitable for as a year round fragrance but I think it would be best worn in warmer weather.

Fraicheur Muskissime retails for $105/3.3 oz. and is sold at Aedes, Beautyhabit, B-glowing and Luscious Cargo.

B-glowing has it cheapest until tomorrow night with 20% off making it $84. Use code: holiday.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Nanadebary Green

Nanadebary Green

If I had to choose one fragrance as a signature fragrance, it would have to be Nanadebary - now known as Nanadebary Pink. So I have very high expectations for the other fragrances in the Nanadebary line: Bronze and Green. Today I'm sampling Nanadebary Green.

The notes in this fragrance according to Beautyhabit and Luckyscent are: citron, bergamot, basil, cardamom, thyme, musk, vetiver. Luscious Cargo includes green tea as a note.

Having read a review of it on Now Smell This earlier this week I expected it to open up as a masculine scent and it did, heavily. If I hadn't known about this previously, I would have been quite turned off by it but thankfully that was only after a few seconds of initial application. It then starts off basil heavy on me, a very true basil fragrance. It smelled like if I had taken a piece of basil and rubbed it on my skin. Alas, that too only lasts for seconds.

The basil seems to find it's place in the citrus of the fragrance. The hints of spices are only evident if you're really searching for them. After the initial application, the fragrance seems to die down to almost nothing on my skin. I had to reapply several times to get to the point where I could actually smell the entire fragrance. I'm sure when this fragrance is sprayed, there is a much different effect.

After wearing it for a while, I really started to like this fragrance. It's not yet full bottle worthy for me but could move up in rank. I'd settle for a decant of this as I'm curious how it would smell when sprayed. I think this would be absolutely perfect for summer and is a wonderfuly refreshing fragrance.

Nanadebary Green retails for $130/3.3 oz. or $70/1.7 oz. and is sold at Luscious Cargo, Beautyhabit and Luckyscent

Friday, May 27, 2005


Jasmine de Nuit

Jasmine de Nuit

After hearing raves of The Different Company's Jasmine de Nuit I had to test it out. I used to loathe jasmine but changed my mind when I first tested Lush's Silky Underwear and then Serge Lutens' A La Nuit and since then my mind has forever changed on jasmine.

Described on the website as: Jasmine de Nuit is a childhood dream, the sweetness of the flower that opens at nightfall mingles with a hint of star anise on a bed of amber. Egyptian jasmine is abundantly here and combined with spices such as cardamom, and cinnamon, delivers a series of sweet yet powerful sensual notes.

Oflactory note: Floral and amber, fruity black current.

Main components: Egyptian jasmine, Badain (Star Jasmine), Ceylon, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Amber.

It starts of an incredibly pure and vibrant jasmine which lasted a a minute or two on me and then the spices came into play. Spices *sobs* why do spices always move my heart. I just adore spices in anything and this mix is incredible.

I've smelled this mixture of spices before and couldn't quite put my finger on it but then remembered a tea I bought last December from Izadra called Jul which was their special holiday tea which contained whole black leaf tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and vanilla. I've been hoarding this tea as it was a limited edition and every time I drink it, I've been wishing there was a fragrance that smelled like it.

I didn't smell any sandalwood in here at all and a slight amber fragrance. This fragrance lasts for a long time and remains incredibly beautiful the entire time. *sobs* Why do I have to fall in love with the expensive fragrances? I have fallen in love with this fragrance! A hex on you Different Company for creating this beauty!

Jasmine de Nuit is sold at Lusciouscargo, B-glowing, and Beautyhabit and retails for $120/3 oz.

With code: holiday, B-glowing has it the cheapest through the weekend for $96. Dare I cave?

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Santa Maria Novella Melograno

SMN Melograno

I had first heard of Santa Maria Novella in magazines years ago. I had a serious lemming for their body powders after seeing them listed as a great gift for the holidays. Thanks to Rosie00000, I was able to test so many SMN products. I set my heart on Melograno and purchased the body powder but hadn't opened it until I had the fragrance.

Described as: The fruit of the pomegranate plant, originally from Persia, found depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs and in many of the greatest works of art, symbolizes wealth and abundance. Some scholars believe that the forbidden fruit of biblical and mythological fame was not an apple, but a pomegranate. This fragrance mixes the tart taste of the pomegranate with an insistent, powdery floral undertone and is perfect for day or night.

I applied both post-workout and I couldn't be happier! This is a unisex fragrance that starts off a bit masculine but dries down to a fresh pomegranate juice fragrance with a slight hint of powder. The fragrance to the powder is a lot more green than than the Eau de Cologne to me.

I was going to save this until summer hit but it's already so hot here that I decided summer came early. Anyhow, I decided last night that my second summer fragrance will have honey in it. Honey, honey that'll be the second theme of summer!

I purchased this from Luscious Cargo for $78/3.3 oz. but I noticed it's no longer on the site so please check to see if she has it or will have it later in stock. Aedes also carries the SMN line but you have to call in your order. You can purchase it online at Lafco for $84.00.


My summer fragrance has arrived!

Luscious Cargo

I ordered Santa Maria Novella's Melograno as my summer fragrance and it arrived today! Luscious Cargo packages are such a treat to receive and they smell so wonderful. There is glitter all over the desk that I cleaned yesterday and I couldn't be happier! If everything had just a little bit of shimmer in it, the world would be a happier place.

Marcy included the samples I asked for: Nanadebary Green, Chinatown, TDC Jasmine de Nuit, Poussiere de Rose and Iris Noble! And she included extras: L'artisan La Chasse Aux Papillons Extreme, Genie Des Bois and Fraicheur Muskissime.

On other news: I contacted Fred Flare about the book switcharoo because I was afraid that somewhere someone who wanted to Learn 2 Play Guitar was seriously bummed at getting a book about hating Valentine's day. Fred Flare apologized for the mixup and they are sending the correct book and told me to keep this one. Further evidence that I should play the guitar?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Fleur de Sephora - Peony

Fleur de Sephora - Peony

Today I'm wearing Fleur de Sephora's Peony fragrance. I got this free with a Sephora order with a Shop Etc. code last year. I had forgotten about this fragrance and hasn't smelled it as I was thinking of giving it as a gift but I smelled in person at Sephora in Scottsdale and decided to keep it.

Sephora describes it as: Peony blends the opulent, slightly spicy peony blossom with the sparkling freshness of fresh raspberries for the ultimate in warmth and sincerity.

It's basically an even mixture of peony and raspberries. It smells very nice, the raspberry in here isn't at all like Bath and Body Works' Sun Ripen Raspberry which gives me an automatic headache. The entire fragrance smells very light and refreshing and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

This would be a great all day fragrance in warmer months like today with a high of 100° today! It retails for $28/1.69 Eau de Toilette at Sephora.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

I first tried Marc Jacobs two and a half years ago and hated it. It was too much for me then, but over time I've changed my mind. I think Marc Jacobs Blush is actually a better fragrance and the best of the three.

The notes in Marc Jacobs are:
Gardenia, Wild Muguet, Skin Musk, Cedar, Ginger

This fragrance isn't for the faint of heart and you have to be careful of overapplication because it is rather strong. I have given myself headaches wearing this stuff! That being said it's still a lovely fragrance an incredibly lush white floral bouquet with a hint of ginger. I like this fragrance best in warmer months as an all day fragrance. It isn't one that I like to wear on a regular basis but nice on occasion.

The perfume purse spray retails for $100/.25 oz at Sephora however, I found a single open bottle at Marshalls that was 90% full. It had been opened and was used a few times for $14.99 which is the regular price. Normally, I wouldn't have paid full price for a fragrance that had been used but at 85% off the retail price I couldn't beat it! I think the juice in the bottle is Eau de Parfum as Sephora also lists the regular bottle as perfume. I think the higher price is more for the packaging which is in a white leather case.

Monday, May 23, 2005


When do you intervene when the universe is trying to show you a sign?

tiara from Fredflare.com for $9.95

My Fred Flare order arrived today. I ordered the tiara above to replace the tiara that was given to me by a friend that broke. Sometime after the tiara broke, so did the friendship - a sign that the universe gave to me? The tiara was much nicer in person than it looked online and I'm happy I bought it!

I also ordered the set of heart pins for $1.95 which are not as cute as they looked online but for under $2 they aren't bad!

And I ordered I Hate Valentine's Day because I thought it would be funny. But, when I opened the box they sent me instead How 2 Play The Guitar.

So here lies my dilemma, is the universe trying to give me a sign that I'm supposed to learn how to play the guitar? I have included learning to play either the banjo or fiddle on my list of new year's resolutions for years but have yet to find a teacher. To be honest, I haven't really looked too hard but I believe it will happen someday! Then again, my list also includes getting married to one of my Hollywood boyfriends!

My sister believes everything happens for a reason so what should I take this as - A simple mistake or a new direction in life? My father was given a guitar as a child and when my sister and I were little he dug it out of the garage and told us we could play with it but to be careful.

My sister got it first, started playing with it and then I told her that it was my turn. She kept ignoring me so I told my Dad and he told her that it was my turn. As my sister was angry, she said "Here" then swung the guitar down and I watched it shatter in front of my face!


10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como

Yesterday we hit a high of 105 degrees, the highest ever recorded for yesterday's date. It's going to be a long hot summer! This morning I decided to wear Roses Enchantees again! The more I wear it, the more I like it. Don't try layering Roses Enchantees with Creed's Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare as FdTRB wins out in the end and overpowers it. I think the love affair with FdTRB is ending because the last two times I've sprayed it. Maybe I just need a break from it, I'm sure in the summer I'll have changed my mind.

I'm testing 10 Corso Como on my arm tonight. According to Luckyscent, the notes in this fragrance are: sandalwood, frankincense, musk, rose, geranium, vetiver and rare Malay oud wood oil.

It's not really floral on me, more of a woody, smoky, musky fragrance. At first I wasn't sure I liked this one but it has since grown on me.

It is light enough to be worn as a year round as an evening fragrance but I think it would be even better in colder months as an all day fragrance.

It retails for $60/1.7 oz. and $90/3.4 oz. at Beautyhabit and Luckyscent.


Mr. Max

Mr. Max

My sister left today with her world famous feline companion Mr. Max. Max was adopted through the Denver Dumb Friends League in September of 2003 at the age of one. As we don't really know how many times he's moved, we guesstimate that this move back to Denver will be his seventh move in a lifetime of two and a half years. Max likes bow ties, martinis and bowler hats. He also talks with an accent, it's a mixture between Morris the cat and David Caruso. He bears a striking resemblance to Puss in Boots in Shrek 2.

He prefers eating bananas and apricots instead of french fries. He only eats the middle of his cat food, preferring to leave behind the "crust." He is attracted to colored straws, pens, office chairs and makeup brushes. Mr. Max likes to attack you when you exit a room by grabbing your foot and biting it or if you move around a lot under your sheets. When Mr. Max wakes up, he likes to sit on your chest and purr but if you try to move him off your chest, he'll bite you. He's a small cat but doesn't like when you point that out.

Max does not like windows that he can't sit in front of, when people pant like dogs, mold, moving and "going to jail" also known as spending time in his Pet Taxi. Max doesn't like Phoenix and as his going away gift to Arizona he'd like the state to adopt his personal slogan "Kiss my AZ!" Later this week, Mr. Max will be back in his old stomping ground of Denver preferring instead the extreme temperatures of the Rocky Mountains.

Mr. Max is a motherfuckingpainintheass when he wants to be! Last night for example when my sister at 4:30 in the morning begged me to take care of him for an hour and a half. In half an hour, he managed to scratch me and draw blood on my arms and one foot, bite me seven times and tear up a paper in two seconds. As a result, he was sentenced to an hour in jail.

Needless to say, Mr. Max isn't invited back anytime soon!

Look out Denver, Mr. Max is back in town!

Sunday, May 22, 2005




B*Men by Thierry Mugler was the third fragrance that was included in the Fifi Awards gift bag as the other two weren't stellar hits, my expectations weren't too high for this once. Especially given the fact that Angel isn't exactly one of my favorite fragrances.

The notes for B*Men are:

Top: Rhubarb, Fruit Notes
Middle: Sequoia, Spices
Base: Vetiver, Amber

The entire bottle is encased in rubber so I found it a bit hard to spray and after some trouble I finally was able to get the juice out of the bottle. With one spray on my hand, it really packed a punch. It was incredibly woody with hints of fruit and spices.

If you like Bois De Paradis or something similar along those lines, you'd love this! I was surprised at how much I liked it, my sister gave it a thumbs down. She has managed to insult most of the fragrances I've worn since she's been here. While one spray packs a punch for a while, after two hours the fragrance is almost gone.

I think this would be wonderful worn in cooler weather as an all day fragrance with a light hand but to we worn with abandon at night. It is really beautiful and the fragrance I liked the best out of the three in the gift bag.

B*Men retails for $48/1.7 oz. and $64.99/3.4 oz. and can be found wherever Thierry Mugler fragrances are sold online, Scentiments has the 1.7 oz. for $38.99.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Vicolo Fiori

Vicolo Fiori

I'm wearing A La Nuit again so I decided to test on my arms a fragrance I hadn't yet worn Etro's Vicolo Fiori.

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Citrus Floral (tangerine and campanula)
Middle: Fruity Floral (water lily, lotus, cyclamen, wild rose, ylang ylang, white peach and cantaloupe)
Base: Woody, Amber (musk, iris, sandalwood, vanilla and amber)

This is a very fresh fruity floral. I'm not a big fan of cantaloupe at all but luckily I don't smell it anywhere in this fragrance. It goes on much stronger than it lasts on your skin, drying down to a light finish. I really like this one and think it would be perfect for incredibly hot weather like today with the high of 100 degrees! It's going to be a long hot summer! When I was little they used to run a contest where people would guess at which date and time we'd reach our first three digit temperature of the year but that contest was usually held in June, every year it comes earlier and earlier!

Vicolo Fiori is available wherever Etro fragrances are sold and retails for $87.00/3.4 oz.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Cashmere Mist

Cashmere Mist

I'm wearing Roses Enchantees again today but decided to test Cashmere Mist for the first time. *faints* Why haven't I tried this one before? I love it! I love it! I love it!

According to Sephora, the notes in Cashmere Mist are:

Lily of the Valley, Suede Notes, Bergamot, Ylang, Jasmine Maroc, Sandalwood, Orris, Amber, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Musk.

This is an incredibly well blended fragrance with no particular note that stands out above the rest. I think this would be even better in colder months but it's really beautiful on my arm on this incredibly hot day - it's supposed to reach 100 degrees today!!!

My sister gave it a thumbs down - what's her problem with the juice? She also complained that Max smelled like roses - at least he smells pretty!

Cashmere Mist retails for $74/3.4 oz., $54/1.7 oz., and $40/1 oz. and is sold at most department stores and Sephora

I just got back from having lunch with my sister who said "I like this fragrance even less than I did the one you wore yesterday!" As we were walking out of the restaurant she said "That lady was wearing Tea Rose, I hate the way that smells." Mind you, Tea Rose has been a staple in my life and I've worn it since I was fourteen - half my life!

My fortune said: "You have an active mind and a keen imagination" Ah, do they know me or what? Daily Numbers: 5, 5, 9. Lotto Six #'s 40, 24, 12, 44, 3, and 8.

My lucky streak continued this week. I won a Stila lip glaze in fruit punch and a lip liner in red from Lucky Breaks.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Teint de Neige

Teint de Neige
Originally uploaded by Atreau.

I wanted to wear something light today as my sister and I were going shopping. So after some time I settled on Teint de Neige.

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, heliotrope, white floral notes

Middle: Heliotrope, vanilla, essence of almond

Base: Musk, honey, vanilla, amber

This is an incredibly powdery fragrance, it reminds me of this face powder my Grandmother had with a similar type of smell.

I was holding my sister's cat and she smelled him and said "Max, you smell like a girl!"

While I like it, my sister gave it a big thumbs down.

I think it's a lovely all day fragrance that is suitable year round. It was perfect for this incredibly hot day but is also beautiful in extreme cold.

It retails for $90/3.4 oz. or $60/1.7oz. in the regular blue bottle or $140/3.4 oz. for the fancy schmancy bottle at Luscious Cargo

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Bijan Style

Bijan Style

I decided to test out Bijan Style today before this one I honestly don't think I've ever really tested any Bijan fragrances. Any time I hear the name Bijan, I think of the episode of friends where Joey is a model in a department store and he has to spray the tester of Bijan for Men.

The notes in Bijan Style are:

Top: Sparkling bergamont, orange and cyclamen
Middle: Luscious peach, fresh berries, dewy freesia and violet.
Base: Cedarwood and musk.

This is an incredibly fruity, light floral fragrance with heavy top notes that seem to overtake the middle notes. I'm disappointed that I don't smell any peach in this at all as I love peach. The fresh berries are more like a a cheap berry jam and it's more musky than woody. Reading the notes excited me more than the actual fragrance did.

I think this is more of a warm weather type of fragrance that would be best worn as a daytime fragrance. It retails for $58/2.5 oz or $ 45/1.7 oz. but is much cheaper at Scentiments $27.89/2.5 oz.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Britney and Kevin:Chaotic

Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

I'd doing a play by play of the show thus far. We see the entire show through Britney Spears' eyes. We are treated to Britney making faces like pig nose to the camera. Later, we see Britney in her hotel asking people about marriage. This is pre-KFed of course as she mentions not really knowing if she wants to get married as she already tried it.

She is in London England and they show her on Total Request Live out there. Later, she asks everyone backstage on her tour what their favorite sexual position is. Then more pig nose faces in the camera.

Comments by my sister "Ugh, her skin is awful!" (I was hoping she wouldn't mention the huge honkin' zits on my forehead - twins no less!) "I love Jessica Simpson compared to this!," "I'm bored, how long is this show?" Mind you, Sar used to be a Britney fan.

Then Kevin comes into the picture and she asks him "How do you feel about marriage and commitment?" and his answer is "Love is love...blah, blah, blah...I tuned out at this point because I swear that he stinks!

Sar said "He's so intellectual, love is love! Ha! Ha! He's just saying that because he wants to get in her pants."

Britney says if she could marry any celebrity it would be Brad Pitt - for once I agree with her. Then how the hell do you go from loving Brad to KFed! I'm a bit afraid to see who I end up marrying! Oh God, please don't let it be Michael Bublé or The Burger King *sobs*

A few days after meeting him she films him and mentions that they can stay in and &*#$ all day. That part was muted out so I'll fill in the blank with four letter words that could fit.


Now Britney's on the treadmill running and talking about how many times she had sex that day to her personal assistant. And then she films Kevin in the shower. He seems quite dirty, so I'm surprised that he's even in the shower! Then again I didn't see any soap, so can we really be sure that he's clean.

Britney mentions again she had sex three times that day this time to her makeup artists. And she's nervous that he's going to watch her show.

Sar said "Ok, I just wasted an hour of my life!"

Previews for next week: Gross, they are making out in front of the camera! Next week will be half an hour long. The bodyguard says "I don't want this punk around her, I'm getting rid of him!"

Now it's back to the German programming as we don't have a UPN station out here, we also don't have WB. Every other channel is in Spanish. I wonder how this show sounds in Spanish!

My sister hijacked the remote to see the Gastineau Girls, she already saw the episode and now she's changed it to Dog, the bounty hunter. I fear this could be worse than Brit and KFed!


Chloé Collection 2005

Chloé Collection 2005

I decided to wear Chloé Collection 2005 today as I was curious as to how it smelled, I considered ordering this through Sephora when I had store credit, but decided instead on YSL Roses Enchantées.

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Pear, Passionfruit and Water Leaf
Middle: Wet Gardenia Mist and Hydroponic Tuberose
Bottom: Wet Woods, White Birch and Musk

As soon as I sprayed it, I could smell the pear right away. After a few seconds, it becomes a very aquatic fruity floral fragrance when the other notes open up. The tuberose is much heavier than the gardenia in this fragrance. So if you fear the tuberose - steer clear of this baby. For a few hours, it smells very sweet, like you're sucking on a pear lollipop.

After several hours the pear disappears and you are left with a mixture of the tuberose and gardenia which makes you think you're wearing Marc Jacobs! I can't compare this to Chloé as I really don't remember what it smells like. While I like it, I doubt that I would mourn an empty bottle or hunt down this fragrance after it's sold out.

It retails for $55/3.4 oz. and can be found at Sephora.

Monday, May 16, 2005


FiFi Awards Gift Bag

FiFi Awards Gift Bag

No, I'm not a star and haven't (yet) attended a FiFi award event. So, what happens when my two major hobbies collide? I won Star magazine's FiFi Awards Gift Bag!

It arrived in a huge box and included:

A Kathy Van Zeeland bag - I will probably give this to my Mom as it's just not my style.
Two Tray6 umbrellas
Two Casaouri bags
A bracelet from Ice.com
America's Top Model season 1 on DVD
The soundtrack to Wicked - I love Kristin Chenoweth!!!
One Slatkin & Co. Kabbalah Candle in Spiritual Cleansing - this came melted because of the heat
One box of b.sweets Chocolate Rx - I put this in the fridge as I'm sure it also melted.
John Allen's Face Moisturizer
Zia Ultimates Body Butter
Zia Ultimates Age-Defying Body Buff
Zia Ultimates Ultimate Body Firming Treatment
Bumble and Bumble gentle shampoo and conditioner
Bumble And Bumble grooming cream
Ramy double compact
Lola Gloss Menagerie
Lola Mini lip gloss keychain
Lola Glo la Shimmering dry body oil
Lola Sprinkle Me Lola Shimmer Powder Brush
Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Eye Cream
Earrings from Dangle and Swank
A bottle of Chloe Collection 2005 3.4 oz.
A bottle of Bijan Women 1.7 oz.
A bottle of B Men by Thierry Mugler 1.7 oz.
A bunch of MoMints in peppermint, cinnamon and winterburst
And NYC area certificates for:
1 workout session at Cordell Fitness
1 Free Eyebrow shaping at RAMY spa
1 one week pass at Equinox fitness club
A personal training session at Pure Power Boot Camp
$20 off your first order with laundryspa.com
and a free appointment to Blow styling salon.

As I was opening the box, my sister ran over and started opening up the purse which had even more stuff in it! I had no idea that I won anything so I was incredibly excited! As a Frag Hag, I'm disappointed that the bag didn't include more fragrances! Then again, there aren't too many people who know what the FiFi's are!


The sampler up close

The sampler up close

Ack! It cut off the mini note card from Glamscience and the ring from Lolly World! Sorry, I'm a sub par photographer!


Ginestet Botrytis

Ginestet Botrytis

I decided to try Bizzy B's Creme Brulee lotion today which is sweet with a tiny hit of spice. I thought about which fragrance would compliment it best and finally settled on Ginestet Botrytis which was introduced to me by the wonderful Jonna.

According to Luckyscent, the notes in Botrytis are: honey, candied fruits, quince, pain d’epice, white flowers among some secret notes.

Honey is the most predominant note in this fragrance, followed by the candied fruits and gingerbread spices. I smell no floral notes in here at all.

As the scent of creme brulee lotion died down, the Botrytis didn't seem as sweet. I wouldn't say that the lotion made it smell any better, it just made it seem a bit sweeter. The Botrytis on it's own is quite sweet but that is cut through by its spices.

While this wears better as an all day fragrance in colder months, it's quite a cozy fragrance on this humid spring day.

Botrytis retails for $85/3.4 oz. at Beautyhabit and for $90/3.4 oz. at Luckyscent.


WW: Finally lost some weight!

WW: Finally lost some weight!

I hopped on the scale this afternoon and found out I lost three pounds! I was working out for two hours a day until my sister arrived - then I just worked out for one hour a day. I ate real ice cream yesterday and the day before and a few peanut butter M&M's and still lost weight - that's a good sign...right?

Well, I logged in my weight and this was the message I got:

WELL DONE! You've recorded a loss this week. That's great news! However, we notice that you've lost more than an average of 2 pounds per week over three or more weeks. This rate is too rapid it may be unsafe or unhealthy.While we're proud of your achievements and pleased you're making changes in your life, we need you to concentrate on one more thing: You should slow the pace of your weight loss to no more than 2 pounds per week. Click here to read more about the effects of rapid weight loss. Here are some tips on slowing down your weight loss this week:

Make sure you're not skimping on your meals. If you've been saving your weekly POINTS Allowance, try using some this week.

If you're exercising a lot, try to swap some (or all) of your bonus activity POINTS values for food. Why not experiment with some new recipes, too?

Have a great week!

But, but I did dip into my weekly points this week! And I'm not over exercising, that's a total oxymoron when it comes to me! Yesterday, my sister and I were watching this program where they were showing the USA women's soccer team training and we were talking about how much they work out, even after lunch! My sister said that next time I'm on the treadmill and I want to stop I should just think "At least I don't have to work out after lunch!"

I'm just going to keep on keeping on and stick to my normal routine this week.

By the way, I was channel surfing and on top on Weight Watchers yelling at me for losing too much weight, I was *sobs* Bubléd again! That dreaded commercial was on E!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Adrienne Vittadini

Adrienne Vittadini

I just love to wear Adrienne Vittadini, it's a fragrance that seems so simple yet it garners many compliments. On the Adrienne Vittadini website they describe it as: Adrienne Vittadini signature fragrance for women. Innately sophisticated. Sheer and sensual. Essence of glowing amber, lily of the valley, clean musks, green dew, sparkling mandarin, lemon peel, jasmine and bergamot.

It's a primarily amber fragrance with hints of citrus on me. I really love the way this fragrance wears in autumn but it's just as nice in spring. I like to wear it as a day to night fragrance when I'm not going out. It's a comfy cozy fragrance that's perfect for days that don't require a lot of work.

It retailed for $45/1.7 oz. and $58/3.4 oz. but I believe this fragrance has since been discontinued. It can however be purchased for much less at Marshalls, TJMaxx and Ebay.


The Sampler

The Sampler

This was the first time I was able to get a subscription to The Sampler, which is according to the website an ever-changing monthly collection of samples, goodies, promos and more from indie crafters, record labels and zines - mailed right to your door!

As I just adore one of a kind, handcrafted items I was incredibly excited to receive my Sampler package! The contents of my sampler include (from left to right) :

First Row:
A glass hair pin from Starving Artist Bazzar
A ring from Lolly World
A zippered pouch with a blue chick on it from Wonderland Q
A robot patch from ArtAngel "Talco Delicato Mr. Robato"

Second Row:

A mixed-media collage print from Love, Joleen
A mini letter set from Sewing Stars
Issue #8 of Ready Made Magazine
A silk flower pin from Lindsay Designs
A mini note card from Glamscience
A mini art piece from James in May

Third Row:
A button on a card with mini markers in the package from Button Arcade
A Memory card pin and button magnet from Cute as a button
A mini blank book craft kit from Turtle Kisses
A "Little Familiar" button from Little Pagans
A flying dog card from Flying Fish Design

Fourth Row:
A pair of brown stone chip earrings from Tiny Airplanes
A sample of lemon-lime hand scrub from Innerglo home spa products

I'm really happy with the contents of my sampler package. The subscriptions run $15 for one month and $39 for 3 months (more for an international subscription) which includes shipping and handling. I bought a three month subscription and without a doubt subscribe to subsequent samplers!

Saturday, May 14, 2005


J'adore L'Eau d'Ete

J'adore L'Eau d'Ete

About three years ago during the holidays, Christian Dior came out with a J'adore gift set which included both the fresh, hydrating interpretation of the classic J'adore fragrance, a small bottle of the lotion and the alcohol-free version of J'adore.

Because alcohol causes hyperpigmentation in the skin when the sun hits it, this is used more for summer use than any other time of the year as we spend more time outdoors.

Sephora describes this fragrance as an alcohol-free blend of tender notes of champaca flower, mandarin, soft floral notes, damas plum, amaranth wood, and blackberry musk is the perfect summer scent.

The notes are: Champaca Flower, Mandarin, Crystallized Orchid, Jasmine, Muguet, Violet, Damas Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.

It's a bouquet of light florals, there really isn't one specific fragrance that stands out. I prefer this version over the regular one because I don't feel it as heavy and I think the notes seem a lot more subtle. I don't wear this often but have worn it year round and it works as an all day fragrance. I would repurchase this specific version of J'adore over the regular one.

It retails for $45/3.4 oz at is sold at Sephora.


The Eyes

The eyes

The makeup was so much better in person, we took about twenty pictures and this was the best one out of all of them - please excuse the big mother nose in the way and just focus on the eyes.

I'm a blinker and half a dozen times she threatened to punch me if I kept blinking. I told her I was the perfect person to work on because there are going to be lots of blinkers out there. She said it was my fault that I never get a good makeover because of the blinking problem. *sobs*

I was really impressed by her work - it really looked much better in person and is so far the best makeup job I've had applied to my face!

Friday, May 13, 2005


Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti

Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti
Originally uploaded by Atreau.
Today I'm wearing Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti by La Maison de la Vanille.

The notes in this fragrance are:
vanilla, bergamot, amber, fruit, cedar, ylang-ylang, tonka bean, incense

I get no floral from this fragrance, it's just a sweet fragrance on my skin with a light smoke finish.

I once wore it to a friend's house and she mentioned that the cake I brought smelled incredible. I had brought banana bread not cake and finally she figured out it was my fragrance.

I asked my sister how she liked this one and she changed the subject.

Her: "You know that vanilla fragrance that Christian Dior makes?"

Me: "Addict?"

Her: "Yeah, that smells awful! This girl was trying to give it away at school and nobody wanted it!"

I wasn't sure if she was comparing it to Addict or just mentioning it because it's a vanilla fragrance.

This is a great all day fragrance that can be worn year round. I usually wear it as a comfort fragrance.

It retails for $25.50 at La Creme Beauty

and is $32/3.4 oz. at both Luckyscent and Beautyhabit


I got a mask stuck to my face.


Last night my sister wanted to give me a four layer facial, she had only done this once before but told me that my skin would feel divine afterwards. I figured it would be better for her to screw up on me than with a paying client at first.

So she's going through the steps of the facial and the last step is a mineral mask which hardens like cement on your face. It'a a bit like those Plaster of Paris masks you make of your face. I once saw an episode of Rescue 911 where they forgot to apply petroleum jelly to the face, so the mask stuck to the person!

Anyhow, as luck would have it - this mask stuck to my face! At least it only stuck to the side of my face where the tendrils are at. We were able to pry most of it off except once small piece which was ripped from my face along with a few hairs. *sobs*

While it hurt, my face looks good!

Above is a picture of the two main skincare lines she used in school. Dermologica and Éminence Éminence is an organic line that smells divine - will try their products further. I wasn't very impressed with Dermalogica which left my skin rather dry.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


A La Creme kinda day

A La Creme kinda day.

I got my La Creme beauty order today and two visitors - My sister and her cat Mr. Max drove out from Phoenix to visit me. My sister got a speeding ticket on the way. She swore on her entire Audrey Hepburn collection that she wasn't speeding so I believe her she's obsessed with Audrey!

My La Creme order was fabulous of course and Autumn wrote a note on Hello Kitty stationary and sealed the packages with Hello Kitty stickers - who doesn't love that!

I ordered POTL Parfum and Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix, we already tore into one of the packages and it was delicious!

I am wearing Paula Dorf's Zita and it smells divine! Last night I tried the body butter from Texas Charm Bath & Candle Company, at first it smelled like the top notes of Coco Mademoiselle but after a while it smelled like Pink Sugar and Pink Sugar and I aren't very good friends.

My sister the esthetician to be finished school already and she's moving back to Denver in a few weeks. She brought her makeup kit and so far has already waxed and shaped my brows, later I'm getting a facial! If only she were a perfumer then my life would be perfect!!!

More on Mr. Max later.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Fertility Pouch

Fertility Pouch

This made me laugh out loud!

$20 at Stitch Pixie


Tampon Pouches

Tampon Pouches

This is for beautiful, hilarious, generous and precious Jonna who needs something to keep her tampons safe from harm!

$11 at Stitch Pixie




In the past year I have bought, swapped away and swapped for Champs-Elysèes. It's a love/hate relationship I have with this fragrance and it has to do with one thing - mimosa! Mimosa and I aren't such great friends I've come to realize after struggling with both Champs-Elysèes and Champs-Elysèes Too Much.

The notes in Champs-Elysèes are:

Top: Rose petals, mimosa leaves
Middle: Mimosa, buddleia and blackcurrant
Bottom: Woody note, vanilla

The mimosa is loud and proud when I first spray it, thankfully it goes away after a while. It's a fruity floral fragrance that smells more fruity than floral on my skin. It's a fresh rose scent that isn't incredibly strong. I smell hints of peach in here along with light almond.

Once I get past the mimosa, I love this fragrance and it's among my absolute favorites! This smells best in warm weather as an all day fragrance. Maybe in time I'll learn to get along with mimosa but until then I have to use my blow dryer to speed up the process of this fragrance.

Champs-Elysèes retails for $58/1.7 oz. at Sephora but can be purchased for much less at TJMaxx and Sephora.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Amazing Race

Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows on tv, twelve pairs of teams travel to places all over the world and have to perform tasks at each stop to determine who is eliminated. I always root for the underdogs, my absolute favorite team was Danny and Oswald from season 2 but this season I really liked Uchenna and Joyce. They had a wonderful spirit to them, were courteous and helpful to the other teams and above all they played fair.

Because they were the last team to arrive at the last pit stop, they had their luggage and money confiscated for the remainder of the race.

In previous episodes they had given money to other players who were in the same situation. Throughout the race, we learned of their fertility problems and how their heart was filled and they were humbled when they visited an orphanage in Africa.

However, through chance they happened to stumble in first place but with a catch! They didn't have enough money to pay the cab driver his fare once they got to the final destination which was a mere sprint from the cab to the finish line.

They could have easily abandoned the cab driver and taken off to win the race and a million dollars as their competitors would have done in a heartbeat! They instead begged people for money to ensure that the cab driver was taken care of before running to the finish line. And they still won!!!!

I hope that I have enough honor and grace in my heart to do the same if ever I were in their shoes. When they won, Uchenna said that they would use the money toward more in-vitro treatments or adoption. It's wonderful to see good people win!


Dessert Tray Earrings

Dessert Tray Earrings

These are by far the coolest earrings I have ever seen! I know in my heart that I would never wear them but man are those cool!

They sell for $14 a pair at Fred Flare.


Green Lady Soap Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Because I've already talked about Pink Manhattan Purrfum the fragrance I'm wearing today, I decided to test a fragrance I haven't tried yet.

Yesterday I received a sample vial of Green Lady Soap's Snow Angel. It's described on her site as a heavenly harmony of musky, soft, powdery notes.

Top notes of sweet honey blend with a floral middle and a soft, delicate bottom is created with touches of vanilla, sandalwood, violet, and balsamic musk.

Soft, fresh, and clean as new-fallen snow.

It starts of with a light powder scent, then there is this sort of subtle metallic scent coming from it. After a while it just turns into a soft musk with vanilla. I think I would have liked it more if it didn't have that metallic scent. I will test this further to determine how it wears on my skin.

The good news is that it's incredibly affordable, it sells for $12/1 oz. at Green Lady Soap.


Happy Birthday Sali

Happy Birthday Sali!!!

Today I'm wearing Pink Manhattan Purrfume because it's Sali's birthday! I'm not one to let jealousy corrupt my heart but if I were, I'd be jealous of Sali! Who wouldn't, she's stunning and incredibly talented but it's her soul and spirit that make her even more beautiful! While we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, with Sali her inside is even more beautiful than her outside and that is saying a lot - look at her! And it boggles me even more that she's so humble about it - I know I wouldn't be! ;)

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sali! May all your dreams come true this year and the ones to follow!

Monday, May 09, 2005


Lemming Central April Sampler Box

Lemming Central Sampler Box

My April Lemming Central Sampler Box arrived today. I paid $15 which was supposed to cover the shipping and handling for it but it came with .55 cents postage due. I heard that people were complaining about the fact that they had to pay additional shipping on the boxes. I think it was a basic misunderstanding and hope it doesn't dissuade anyone from contributing or participating in future events.

The sampler boxes were increased for a short time to $25 and then dropped down to their current price of $20. I already ordered a June sampler box but I'm not sure if I'll order one for July, especially given the price increase.

This is what came in my sampler box:

Bizzy B's Country Creations
Creme Brulee and Cinnamon Bun candle in a baby food sized container
Creme Brulee whipped body lotion (1 oz.)

Green Lady Soap
Snow Angel EdP vial
White Chocolate hand and body cream sample (.25 oz.)
elf secret soap sample

Vanilla Bean Noel sheabutter lotion (.25 oz.)
Sugar Limone 25% shea body whip (.25 oz.)
Sparkling Citrus shea and silk soap sample

Personality scents
Vitamin E enriched Facial Moisturizer (oatmeal, milk and honey) (.25 oz.)
Pearlized Body Wash (orange and peach) (.25 oz.)
Aura Oil..Dry Aromatherapy Oil (grapefruit & bergamot) (.25 oz.)
Crystal Potpourri (Caramel Macchiato) (a little less than 50 ml.)

Scented Breeze Soaps
Bath Sprinkles Sample

Sherry's lavishing soap and bath
Jasmine glycerin soap sample

Simple Body Pleasures Body & Bath
Apple summer light lotion (it's labeled as 1.5 oz. but it's missing 1/4 of it)
Sweet Pea foaming bath powder sample (.5 oz.)
Watermelon lip butter (1.5 oz.)

Tami's Soapworks
Fresh Squeezed soap sample
Lavender Ripple soap sample
Raspberry Mango Tango soap sample
Pink bath pouf

Tea Boutique Collection
Tropical Paradise luxury hand and body cream (1 oz.)
Cherry Heart Tea Soap Sample

Texas Charm Bath & Candle Company
Purple Haze sinfully thick body butter (1 oz.)


Pas Simple Chocolate

Pas Simple Chocolate

Kathey was kind enough to send other samples while she Cacao'd me. Among them was Pas Simple's Chocolate, i've never tried Pas Simple and was incredibly curious as I am craving chocolate even more these days! I think Augustus Gloop was very lucky to have fallen into that chocolate river!

Pas Simple's describes their Chocolate as:

Attention gourmand lovers: Here is your fragrance! Presenting a complex, yet accurate, dark chocolate scent combined with a touch of pineapple, white musk, tonka bean, sandalwood, with hints of amber and oakmoss. Pure chocolate on the delivery, pure heaven on the dry-down!

The notes seem crazy, especially with the pineapple but it really works! It smells like a chocolate dessert that has a light touch of pineapple juice. I can't smell the musk, nor the amber but it is a tinge woody, just a tinge. I really liked Dragonfly Blue's truffle collection, Cocoa is my favorite out of that collection. But, I found that it tints my skin and clothes when I use it.

As this is a Eau de Parfum, I wouldn't have to worry about it tinting my skin or clothes. I think this is a wonderful comfort scent that could be worn year round. It's one of those fragrances you wear when lounging around in your pajamas all day or if you're having a pizza and movies kind of night.

It retails for $26/1 oz. and is sold at Pas Simple.


La Tortuga

La Tortuga

Last week when I was on the treadmill I was changing the channel and was surprised to see Shakira's new video on MTV, it's a duet with Alejandro Sanz who's a famous Spanish singer. First I was surprised that MTV was showing a song that was all in Spanish, second I was surprised by the title as I read it quickly go by. I read "La Tortuga," and I thought "That's got to be the stupidest title I've ever heard!"

Tortuga is Spanish for turtle, I didn't pay attention to the lyrics as they were sung in fast Spanish - too fast for me. Shakira's strange so I figured there must be some type of symbolism in the title of the song and maybe they're wrapped up in the lyrics.

I forgot all about the song until this morning when I caught the title again. Well, the title isn't "La Tortuga," it's "La Tortura" which means torture! Freakin' Moron! This is one of the many reasons why I can't say I'm bilingual!


No pido que todos los días sean de sol
No pido que todos los viernes sean de fiesta
Tan poco te pido que vuelvas rogando perdón
Si lloras con los ojos secos
Y hablando de ella

Ay amor me duele tanto
Me duele tanto
Que te fueras sin decir a donde
Ay amor, Fue una tortura perderte

Yo se que no he sido un santo
Pero lo puedo arreglar amor.

No solo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo.

Solo de errores se aprende
Y hoy se que es tuyo mi Corazón.

Mejor te guardas todo eso
a otro perro con ese hueso
y nos decimos adiós

No puedo pedir que el invierno perdone a un rosal
No puedo pedir a los olmos que entreguen peras
No puedo pedirle lo eterno a un simple mortal
Y andar arrojando a los cerdos miles de perlas.

Ay amor me duele tanto
Me duele tanto
Que no creas mas en mis promesas
Ay amor es una tortura perderte

Yo se que no he sido un santo
Y es que no estoy hecho de cartón

No solo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo.

Solo de errores se aprende
Y hoy se que es tuyo mi Corazón.

Mejor te guardas todo eso
A otro perro con ese hueso
Y nos decimos adiós

No te bajes, no te bajes
Oye negrita mira, no te rajes
De Lunes a Viernes tienes mi amor
Déjame el Sábado a mi que es mejor
Oye mi negra no me castigues mas
Porque allá afuera sin ti no tengo paz
Yo solo soy un hombre arrepentido
Soy como el ave que vuelve a su nido

Yo se que no he sido un santo
Y es que no estoy hecho de cartón

No solo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo.

Solo de errores se aprende
Y hoy se que es tuyo mi Corazón

Mejor te guardas todo eso a otro perro con ese hueso y nos decimos adiós.

Ay ay ay
Ay, todo lo que he hecho por ti
Fue una tortura perderte
Me duele tanto que sea así
Sigue llorando perdón
yo no voy
A llorar por ti

THE TORTURE (English Translation)

I'm not asking that every day be sunny
I'm not asking that there be a party every Friday
Nor do I ask you to come back begging forgiveness
If you're crying with dry eyes,
Speaking about her

Oh my love, it hurts so much
It hurts so much
That you left without saying a word
Oh my love, losing you was torture

I know I haven't been a saint
But I can make it up to you

Man doesn't live on bread alone
Nor do I live on excuses

We only learn from mistakes
And today I know my heart is yours

Better save that for yourself
Take that bone to some other dog
And let's say goodbye

I can't ask winter to spare a rose bush
I can't ask an elm tree to bear pears
I can't ask the eternal of a mere mortal
And go about casting thousands of pearls before swine

Oh my love, it hurts so much
It hurts so much
That you no longer trust my promises
Oh my love, losing you has been torture

I know I haven't been a saint
And I'm not made of stone

Man doesn't live on bread alone
Nor do I live on excuses

We only learn from our mistakes
And today I know my heart is yours

Better save that for yourself
Take that bone to some other dog
And let's say goodbye

Listen, baby, don't you go
Listen, baby, don't get angry
From Monday to Friday you have my love
Give Saturday to me and you'll be better off
Listen baby, don't punish me anymore
Without you, out there I have no peace
I'm just a repentant man
I'm the bird that returns to its nest

I know I haven't been a saint
And I'm not made of stone

Man doesn't live on bread alone
Nor do I live on excuses

We only learn from our mistakes
And today I know my heart is yours

Better save it for someone foolish enough to believe you and say Goodbye

Oh after all I've done for you
It was such a torture to lose you
It hurts me so that it's like this
Keep on crying sorry
I'm not going
To cry over you


WW: Something's got to change!

Something's got to change!

I stepped on the scale this morning and found my weight stayed the same as last week and this was the message I got when I logged it in:

It's natural to have mixed feelings on these weeks when the scale remains the same. On one hand, you might be a little disappointed that you didn't lose weight, but on the other, you're just thankful that you haven't gained!

Either way, simply focus your energy on making this coming week a losing one. Here are some suggestions to give your weight loss a boost:

Experiment with some new foods. Or perhaps try a recipe you haven't cooked before.

Spice up your exercise routine. Add some hills or stairs to your walks, or have a day off from aerobics and try a strength training class.

However, if you suspect your standstill was caused by a plateau, visit our special weight-loss topic of the week which focuses on this topic. Have a great week!

P.S. Have you considered Weight Watchers Meetings? Millions of people find the real-time support of a group and the motivation and instruction from a Leader key to their weight-loss success.

Obviously something's got to change. Motivation isn't a problem because I'm still highly motivated. I blame that on the excess of endorphins that have taken over my body. I was on the treadmill for two hours five days this past week, the food is what is doing me in. I've noticed in the last two weeks that I've eaten more beef and less vegetables. I'm still falling into my points limit every day so I just have to make better choices in the foods that I'm eating.

I'm going to increase my consumption of dairy products while decreasing the amount of meat this week to see if that makes a difference. I haven't been eating any dairy products at all in the past couple of weeks. I also need to consume more vegetables this week. As for the treadmill, after two hours I'm drained and I really don't want to increase the amount of time spent on there but I'm going to try to work out all seven days this week and I'm going to use the incline and try to increase the speed at least by a little more.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Celine Dion

Celine Dion

I'm wearing POTL EdT today but I've talked about that one in the past and couldn't quite decide on what to test on my arm today when I stumbled across the Celine Dion bottle that I won in a contest.

As cheesy as Celine Dion is, I still like her! I've bought her albums in the past and know several of the songs by heart which is evident by my Celine Dion karaoke impression along with the signature chest beating.

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Red berry, peppercorn poppy, cyclamen, water lily and muguet.
Middle: Tahitian tiare flower, mimosa, orange blossom and yellow rose.
Bottom: Amber, sandalwood, blonde woods and musk.

This is a fruity white floral fragrance, the red berries are strong at first but disappear after about twenty minutes and then it's a bouquet of light white flowers. After about forty minutes, the bottom notes are what remain of this fragrance and in my opinion that is what I like best about the fragrance. It's a shame that the bottom notes are so soft in this fragrance because I think it would be even better if they were stronger.

I think this is a fragrance that would be worn best in warmer months as an all day fragrance. I didn't have high expectations for this fragrance as it went from being sold from department store to drug store in a matter of a few weeks. I probably wouldn't purchase this once the bottle runs out, it's nice to have options.

It retails for $44/3.4 oz but can be found in stores and online for much, much less.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


YSL Roses Enchantées

YSL Roses Enchantées

I had credit at Sephora and had been waiting and waiting for this to be in stock. I had almost forgotten about it when I decided to place and order last weekend and there it sat on my wishlist and they had it in stock!

The notes in Roses Enchantées are:
Top: Garden rose, violet and orange blossom.
Middle: Apricot rose and lilac rose with lily of the valley.
Bottom: Musk and Mysore sandalwood.

Upon first spritz, it smells of alcohol but that soon dissipates and then I smell a lot of lily of the valley. The roses are incredibly soft in here, I would have liked for them to have been stronger. In all, it's not a very strong fragrance, I would classify this as a very green floral. I purchased this unsniffed and this is my first application so, I have to see as it wears on through the day.

At this point, I'd only wear this as a daytime fragrance during warmer months. It's a lovely and unobtrusive fragrance and would be perfect to wear to events where fragrance should be kept to a minimum.

It retails for $46/4.2 oz. and is a limited edition for this year, it can be purchased at Sephora.

Updated: After wearing this for an hour, I can finally smell the roses getting stronger.

Friday, May 06, 2005


BVLGARI Pour Femme

BVLGARI Pour Femme

I had all but forgotten about this bottle and had my mind set on something else when I reached for Bvlgari Pour Femme instead.

Sephora explains on their website that Bvlgari Pour Femme was introduced in 1994, Bvlgari successfully interprets the intensity and the refinement of a sensual and precious world into scents, the same world shared by this leading jeweler. The delicate tonality of the precious liquid transpires from the essential design of the frosted glass bottle. With its full and round notes, Bvlgari was created, as Paolo Bvlgari said, "as a tribute to women, as an answer to their desire to rediscover luxury and find it renewed and different, characterized by understatement and absolute quality."

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Bergamot, Violet, Peach, Raspberry
Middle: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Heliotrope
Base: Cedar, Sandal, Musk, Amber

As soon as I spray it, the most evident note is the jasmine which is much bolder than the other notes but it soon blends with the others. While there are fruity top notes, they are masked my the jasmine to my nose. The entire fragrance is more of a jasmine heavy floral bouquet to me than anything else as the bottom notes take hours to appear on me.

This fragrance is best worn in warmer weather as an all day fragrance. I think the beauty of the light bouquet is lost in cooler temperatures. I'm glad that I reached for this one today, it's renewed my love for this fragrance. I don't think I gave it enough credit before but today it smelled incredibly beautiful!

It retails for $125/3.4 oz at Sephora but can be found online or through Ebay for much less.


My Purse

My Purse

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the contents they carry in their purse. So, I decided to take a picture of exactly what is in my purse today.

Everything is carried in that pink Kenneth Cole bag that I got on clearance at Marshalls for $35?

In the pink Fossil wallet I got at Marshalls for $9.99 I have a $50 giftcertificate to Buckle (I got this when I won the Hoobastank surfboard), $10 gift certificate to Marshalls. My Discover, AMEX and Visa cards. A miniature calculator, my frequent shopper card to a local boutique with one stamp away from 20% off! Drivers license, bank card and insurance cards. No cash :(

Attatched to the keychain is a little Epson cleaning cloth I use on my glasses, keys to the house and car, Petsmart card, a Cyclops keychain my friend Cristal bought me because I said "Cyclops is cute." when I first saw Xmen the movie and then realized without the sunglasses James Marsden wasn't as cute as Hugh Jackman so I now say "I rue the day that I said Cyclops is cute." and she bought me the keychain to make fun of me. And a keychain my sister gave me that has CC on the front and "Do you speak Cherry Creek?" on the back.

In the green Walker bag I got as a GWP from drugstore.com I have:

a sample of Chanel Blanc Universel De Chanel which is great for the bags under my eyes.
Lancome Juicy Tube in Sun Bronze
L'oreal Color Juice in Watermelon Crush
Clinique lipstick in Iced Punch
Body Shop Cranberry Lipbalm
L'occitane tinted shea butter in blackberry

In my Hello Kitty red bag that I got half off last year at the Sanrio store in Phoenix I have:

Jack Black Lip balm
Caboodles Pina Colada shake lip gloss my sister gave me.
Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk handtherapy
Pink Mirror from Sephora. My pink elephant arrived today and she too is curious as to what I carry in my purse so she stood on the mirror as I took a picture.

In the little red bag from Victoria's Secret that I got as a gift I have:

Urban Decay XXX Shine lip gloss in Ozone
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Fortune Cookie slip that says: A sweet surprise awaits you and lucky numbers 5, 11, 24, 36, 42 and 24 on the back.
Very Sexy Duo with Very Sexy on one side and lip gloss on the other - that was what came with the bag.

Then thrown in the bag is:

Skinceuticals Sunblock in SPF 20.
Ginger Altoids.
Solar Shield Sunglasses that fit over my glasses.
Yodeling Fish sample soap in Juniper Sage for the times I am without soap.
Four OB tampons in a container.
Dinner by Bobo that was a gift.
Sephora atomizer that has A La Nuit in it that my Santa Ter (Aromagirl35) sent me that I've since refilled with my bottle.
Coin Purse with 8 pennies, 1 nickle, 2 dimes and a quarter.
A Revlon brush with a mirror on the back I bought for .79 at Big Lots two years ago.
A pink pen that has a bunny on the top of it.
A Keroppi notepad that my friend Myrna bought me that hasn't been written it it since last summer as I have notes to myself from then.
And my cellphone!

I usually carry around a bottle of water. Oh and my pill case that holds the Synthroid.

Thursday, May 05, 2005




I thought Cacao was the worst fragrance I had ever tested until I did the dreaded CumCao which is equal parts Cumming and Cacao.

When I first applied it to my skin the Cacao went straight to the port a potty fragrance while cumming remained strong with it's very fragrant evergreen scent. It smelled a lot like a port a potty that had hadn't been cleaned for days and had been sitting in the hot summer sun that was sprayed one too many times with a pine air freshener.

I'm telling you, this was bad and incredibly gagatrocious! Thankfully, Cumming won the battle and took over Cacao after a few minutes so I did end up smelling lovely in the end! CumCao is not for those who have weak hearts or have a strong sense of smell.

This is the fragrance you give to people you truly hate. If it were to be bottled, I imagine the bottle would be in the shape of a toilet and the box would look like an outhouse. All proceeds of this fragrance should go to the maintence of public restrooms around the world.

To create your own CumCao you can purchase both Cumming and Cacao at Beautyhabit. Cumming is $69/3.4 oz. and Cacao is $140/.25 oz. If you are brave enough and I truly triple dog dare you to request samples of the two and four other samples from Beautyhabit for $11.

The book Everybody Poops is sold at most bookstores and retails for $12.95


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