Friday, July 28, 2006


Carrot Box Order

I set aside a little amount each month for little splurges so that I don't feel guilty when buying something that's more of a want than a need.

Anytime The Carrot Box is updated I check it out but if nothing calls to me, I don't order. It's been a long time since I placed an order but there really wasn't anything I needed.

Anyhow, I was feeling a bit down after Monday's weigh-in and decided to see what rings were new to the shop and boy am I glad I did!

I had been wanting a Kimono Ring for a while now but didn't really find a style that I liked...until now!

This one reminds me of L'Artisan's Extrait de Songe - the bottle, the fragrance - everything. I really wanted this ring so I ordered it right away!

The flower in this design looks rather coquettish, there are more flowers which are grouped closely together on the side of the ring but the lone flower isn't part of their crowd.

I was wearing green the other day and realized that I didn't have very many green rings. While I'm often reminded that I have too many rings of this style, I just adore the look and feel of them. I could never have enough of these rings.

This one was only $5 and is from the Glassfiction line. All of the white rings in my collection are from the Glassfiction line with the exception of the Switchrings.

I thought these were adorable upon first glance and was drawn more toward the green than the clear but decided not to purchase them so I placed my order.

A few minutes later, regret set in and I placed a second order just for these rings. The only reason I ordered the clear was because I didn't want the green to be lonely. I'm glad I did because it's much lovelier in person.

Since the shanks of these floral rings are black, I've noticed the lack of black I have in my collection.

I also noticed that Switchrings have new styles up on their site including this USA inspired ring that has a bit of Wonder Woman vibe to it.

Speaking of WW rings, I've yet to find my camera but as soon as I do - there will be a picture up.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Danielle Mavael Jewelry

Fake Diamond Ring $90

I've had my eye on the jewelry created by Danielle Mavael for a while now, especially the rings shown above.

I was also draw to her Happiness Series which consists of fun images that have been deeply etched into thin sheets of silver which are then shaped into charms. I had wanted to place an order but couldn't decide which image was my favorite.

As a kid I loved buying this out of gumball machines and that's what the Happiness Series reminds me of.

Gumball machine chic!

I got really lucky when Danielle decided to sell the imperfect charms or as she called them booboos at huge markdown prices.

Booboos $4 each

I bought the cupcake charm shown above and a few others including: a strawberry, a chair, a diamond, a bird and a turtle! Turtles in a half shell, turtle power!

These are even better in person and I bought them at such a bargain price!

More of her creations can be seen on her website, Danielle Maveal Jewelry or through Danielle Maveal on Etsy.


Two cents earrings

Two cents earrings $4.50

I think that Rachel Sudlow's jewelry has a rather Sundancesque feel to it. She's got some really beautiful pieces on her site, I'm especially drawn to her earrings.

Still, nothing called to me until I saw the earrings shown above. I LOVED them!

Pennies pretty much suck as far as currency is involved but you know those pressed penny machines? I'm obsessed with them! I have a small collection of pressed pennies from vacations I've taken in the past.

These are seriously the most awesome earrings ever and honestly, who doesn't like to put their two cents in on any topic imaginable?

Just when I thought that the awesomeness ended there, she's also sold earrings made from nickels and dimes!

Where can you find all this awesomeness?

Go to:
Sudlow's Etsy Shop - Organic Jewelry Fresh from the Workshop


Sweet T Original rose tote

I have a lot of pins and buttons and have been searching for a bag that I could attach all those pins and buttons on to.

While searching for bags on Etsy, I stumbled across Sweet T Original. She had this rose tote on sale and it was exactly what I was looking for.

All this fabulousness for only $10!

I'm not the only one who thinks this line is fabulous, Sweet T Original has even hit the international style circuit as their Mon Cheri III bag has been featured in German Glamour!

Check it out: Mon Cheri III in German Glamour.

This bag is so fabulous that I don't want to ruin it with a bunch of pins and buttons as it would destroy the stylish, simplistic look of the bag! *sobs* Back to searching once again!

Sweet T Original bags can be found on their main site: Sweet T Original or through Sweet T Original on Etsy.


WW: First weigh-in of my 30's

Stepped on the scale yesterday morning and was rather shocked when it showed I had gained 2.4 lbs. Whoa!

I worked out all week and ate well - stuck to my points for the most part. The exception came on Saturday night when I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

I anticipated we were going to eat prior to going to the theater but didn't take into account the time. We didn't get out of the theater until about 9:30 and by then I was famished. I had worked out for an hour that afternoon and hadn't eaten anything since the afternoon.

I never eat that late and ended up eating a bit too much but not enough to have warranted 2.4 lbs! I'm hoping it's water retention as my cycle is due up soon. I was incredibly frustrated yesterday but all I can do is stick to the program and hope that it is in fact just water retention..

SI: Ugh, I swear I'm doing fine until life decides to test me! My computer was infected with a virus this morning and I spent an hour and a half trying to fix my computer. S.I. is the first thing that comes to mind in circumstances like this. Again, I have to tell myself that it's a temporary problem and as soon as I calm down, I can better assess the situation.

Well, nothing was working so I ran McAfee virus scan and walked away. Got on the treadmill for an hour while the virus scan ran. Came back to check on the computer and it seems to work so hopefully it's fixed.

What pisses me off even more is what's the point of having McAfee if they don't protect your system from being infected by a virus in the first place?

Anyhow, I still feel really good about this decade of my life. I talked to my Weight Watchers mentor and her words really lifted me on how far I've come. So often I see it as how much further I need to go. She also shared how much her life has changed, from the person she was before WW to when she achieved her goal weigh. Ah, it takes forever but it is worth it and the changes aren't just physical.

While I have certain regrets over things I did and didn't do in my past, I'm rather hopeful for my future. I think as I get older, those regrets are like scars that diminish over time.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Happy Birthday to.....Me!

It's official, I'm 30!

Funny, I don't feel any older and don't *gulp* look any older. But somehow, according to those sands through the hourglass....I am 30!


*sobs* What kind of universe does this to a person!?!?

What a cruel, cruel world!

Okay, okay....I only freaked out for a second but came to realize that better and brighter days are ahead of me! This will be the decade where everything will come into fruition...hopefully.

Honestly, I'm incredibly excited! I enter this decade with a much brighter outlook and such an open heart and spirit. I feel a bit fearless.

Sure, there is a lot that I have to sort out in my life and I realize that it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows there on out but I believe I can do anything from here on out - not to let anything bind me.

I had a lovely day with some German food. I mean really, when you think of celebratory food what comes to mind......Duh, German! I also had a slice of cake, ice cream and two glasses of champagne.

Yeah, didn't exactly stick to my Weight Watchers points, but how often does one turn.....30?

Not to mention I received the greatest gift a thirty year old could ever receive.

No, not George Clooney.....that comes at 31 ♥!

I received a
Wonder Woman ring from the ever fabulous Trinikins!

I love it, it's fierce! Pictures as soon as I find my camera.

Watch your ass world, I'm unstoppable!

Monday, July 10, 2006


WW: Goodbye to my 20's.

*sigh* So, this is my last WW weigh-in as a twenty-something. I'm feeling a bit sappy and sad. I'm not ready to turn 30! I haven't done half the things I thought I'd do this year! *sobs*

Would it be too late to submit my case to the Supreme Court? I mean, I shouldn't be forced to do something I don't want to do! After all, this is America! *sarcastic*

Since my last weigh in, I've been really good with sticking to my Weight Watchers points and exercising. When I weighed myself last week, my weight was elevated by a pound. When I saw the numbers, I started to cry. As it is, I was overly emotional because I was on my cycle and while I tend to retain water, I didn't expect it to be higher than the week before!

This past week I continued to stick to it and when I weighed myself this morning, I was down five pounds from last week! Yay!

Short lived celebration however as according to Weight Watchers, I'm now in a different weight class and am being robbed of two points a day to continue my weight loss.

Two points! That's half a box of Pocky right there!


SI: Starting all over again has been hard but good at the same time. You live, you learn and it's not going to come easily or overnight but it will come. I am really trying to let go of minor issues - not letting them build up, just letting them go - forever. It's the minor issues that contributed to my everyday injuries so I'm making progress there.

I really need to speak up when things bother me - speak up, speak loud, speak often!

Anyhow, I'm in it for the long haul, no matter how long it takes! I have to be honest with myself, there is never going to be a day where eating disorders and self injury are part of my past - they will always be a part of me, whether I continue the behavior or not but I don't have to let them have such control over my life.

Through out this entire change there are times where I envision what could be, possibilities that haven't been explored. For those possibilities to happen I'm going to have to continue forward - onward and upward.

I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be by now, but one day I will be.


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