Monday, September 11, 2006


WW: Off!

I seriously believe that my levels are off as I haven't been feeling well at all. I've been having trouble sleeping which isn't unusual but even with sleeping pills I'm having trouble falling and staying asleep.

This past week was really bad as my heart rate has been elevated and I've been tired all the time. I feel so drained that it's been a struggle to get through all the workouts this week, I have to break them up during the day to get enough time in.

Several other pre-Graves symptoms have returned but a lot of them mirror those of diabetes.

Oh and my cycle still hasn't started! That's the only Pre-Graves symptom I miss - well that and the rapid weight loss. I'm so bad, I know!

Since starting Weight Watchers my Synthroid levels have had to be adjusted almost every time I've gone for a checkup. Normally I'll feel slightly off but it's never been this bad. Next week can't come soon enough to pinpoint if it's just my thyroid or diabetes.

Anyhow, as bad as this week has been I've been really good about sticking to my routine which has paid off as I lost 1.8 lbs this week. Brava! I felt so sick this morning that I really wasn't up for celebrating.

This morning I was seriously craving comfort food and had it set in my mind that I would kill for some pancakes and would have made them too if I felt better. Thankfully there were some whole wheat Eggo waffles in the freezer so I ate those with a side of turkey bacon. I usually have egg white omelets for breakfast so it was a welcome change to have something different, they're only 2 WW points each so it didn't cause much damage and I balanced it out eating light the rest of the day.

Not a bad way to start this week off! Hopefully this week isn't too rough because I feel rather toxic but I'm going to try my best - that's all I can do for now!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


WW: Down with diabetes!

Stupidassbloggerfromhell! I typed a lovely update earlier, pressed publish and nothing happened! Freakin' crap!

Anyhow, spent last night on the treadmill, took a shower and went to bed. Had a restless night and woke up early, hit the treadmill again, took a shower and got ready to have my blood drawn. Regular checkup for Graves and testing for *dramatic music* Diabetes.

My Dr. is going out of town so I won't know the results until the 18th! *groans*

I'm worried but am in good spirits overall. I mean what more can I do at this point, I eat healthy and exercise so there won't be too much of a change there, it's the twice daily testing that's got me terrified. Funny how this entire journey has been to face my fears and I'd be having to face my biggest fear every day, twice a day. Ugh!

I exercised six out of the seven days last week which I'm really proud of! I skipped the seventh day as my allergies were killing me and I had major regrets the day after. I've continued with strength training and have been using weights and I'm slowly starting to see results from it.

I ate very well this past week, had wild salmon twice - not bad for a girl who hates fish! I've been sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables as they're still in season. Made a broccoli soup with purred steamed broccoli, water, a bit of salsa and spices. It was very good! I plan on eating mainly low fat soups and stews once the weather cools down, very natural and wholesome.

So, how did I do this week? Well, I lost .8 lbs which disappointed me slightly. At least my weight loss has been consistent and it'll add up in the end but still.

My cycle which was to have started already hasn't which I'm hoping is just a sign that my levels are off. Score one for Graves!

I've noticed a change in myself that I've become more and more serious with this entire goal, especially as far as exercise is concerned.

I noticed recently that my sneakers were looking a bit shabby. I bought these sneakers about a decade ago during the Tae Bo craze, bought those and the tapes. Probably did about three session and gave up - sorry Billy Blanks. So these sneakers were unused until I started WW.

When I started WW, my feet were so fat that the first couple of times I couldn't wear socks and could hardly tie them. That's just plain sad! Naturally as I've lost weight, my feet have slimmed down but I was afraid that they were still too wide to fit into normal sized sneakers. And really is there anything normal about a size 11 foot?

I heard that Amazon had this massive shoe sale along with an automatic $20 off any $80 shoe purchase so I decided to check it out and ordered these sneakers as they had good reviews on them over at Zappos.:

The pair I'm currently using these are on sale for $54.99 on the Naturalizer website.

Bought these in red

Though these were ugly but they're very comfortable!

I didn't even know that Naturalizer sold sneakers! I was sure that these wouldn't fit me or that I'd have to spend weeks breaking them in but they fit perfectly! I didn't even have to break them in, they're perfect. In fact the ones I'm currently using are even a bit roomy!

Proof that I'm dedicated and committed to this journey! With that I'd like to plead my case to the Gods and Goddesses of the universe that I'm all about health so you can't stick me with diabetes now! That's just not fair!

And one last thing, what's up with Pluto not being a planet? You can't give something a title and take it away, that's just mean! Pluto is like the Vanessa Willams of the solar system.

Down with diabetes! Pluto's a planet!


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