Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"WW: New York, New York, it's a wonderful town..."

The short story: Won a contest. Lost more weight, bought new clothes. Went to NYC where I got a fabulous haircut!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"WW: New York, New York, it's a wonderful town..."

The long story:

In February, I was notified that I'd won a grand prize, this Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize - A hair cut/style by Serge Normant at Serge Normant for John Frieda® Salon; A personalized prescription of John Frieda® products; A trip to New York City (including economy airfare and hotel. A local winner will be provided door to door car service). Approximate retail value (“ARV”) of Grand Prize is $2000.

Anyhow, I was contacted by the PR agency in February and asked if I had specific dates to choose from or if I could choose any date. And the contact from the ad agency replied that they would have to find out when Serge Normant would be in town. Fast forward to late April when I was asked if I could fly out on June 17th, have my haircut and fly back on June 18th.

Oh and I could bring a guest! Well, there was no question as to who I'd bring - my mom. She's never been to NYC (neither had I) but she's older than I am and has wanted to go her entire life.

My weight:
Ugh, my weight - I've accepted the fact that I'm always going to have issues with my weight but have been working really so extra hard at losing weight.

I changed my workout routine and started weight training. The first week I was so sore and wanted to quit but I continued and man, has it paid off!

At last week's weigh in I was down 65 lbs since joining WW! I've since lost all the weight that was gained during the time my mom had the heart attack and the recovery process.

Ok, since joining WW I haven't bought any normal clothes - sure underwear and pajamas but nothing else as I have clothes from my different stages of fat over the years.

But my skinny fat jeans were fitting me like clown pants so it was time to buy new clothes.

All my life this has been a huge burden and has always reduced me to tears and this situation was not any different.

Leading up to it, I felt so sick and there were moments where I thought of declining the prize. I talked to my sister before clothes shopping and she told me something along the lines of "Don't focus on the size, you may not be the size you want to be but you'll get there - accept where you are now."

I reached for the size I wore pre-Graves disease and then a size down from there and then another size down.

For the first time in my life I've had to size down. All my life I've sized up and now I've not only sized down once but twice!

Yeah, I'm not where I want to be but I have to say that I do look eons better than where I once was!

I have another admission regarding my weight. I once saw and episode of Airline where they asked a passenger to buy an extra ticket because of her size. Now, this has never happened to me but all the sudden I became worried that such a thing might happen to me.

All of my life I've had this thing with scanning a room to see if I was the fattest person in the room. I haven't done that in a really long time but at the airport I did it and at that moment, felt confident that I would be okay.

SI: I'm really so proud of myself regarding SI! I haven't done so since my mom's recovery which really shows the personal strides I've taken.

Certainly there were moments especially leading up to this trip where I really felt the need to do so. At times, life can be so overwhelming and it's always been what I've turned to to deal with stress.

I can't say it's been easy not injuring myself - I'm not at that point yet. Rather I've been using every precaution not to do so, making SI the last option that I take rather than the first.

Back onto the trip:
We were only supposed to stay in NYC for that one day - fly in on Sunday and fly back on Monday but I asked if they could fly us out a day early and I would pay the additional hotel night's fee.

Thankfully they agreed!

We flew out early Saturday morning on American Airlines - they flew us 1st class.

Which is so crazy as I am the thriftiest person in the world and would never fly first class but I'm telling you flying first class on someone else's dime isn't bad!

Anyhow, first class where they served breakfast. While the masses have to pay $3 for M&M's, I got breakfast and none of this plastic cup crap - they serve in glasses!

Oh and if you sit in the first row in 1st class, you can't have any carry on with you during take off and landing. They made us store our purses overhead!

Hello, first class flyer here. How dare you take away my purse!

Did you know that first class on American Airlines has it's own magazine? Heidi Klum was on the cover - that magazine was more interesting than the one for the masses featuring Jamie King.

We had a layover at O'Hare where I saw a cardboard cutout of Anderson Cooper! Then we boarded a different plane and man were we styling this time.

As soon as the plane took off, the flight attendant asked if we wanted anything to drink.

When they serve you your drinks you get warm nuts - cashews, pistachios and almonds. Guess which nuts I hate - cashews & pistachios so I just ate the almonds - all five almonds!

Then they come around asking what you want for lunch - turkey wrap or chicken salad.

I got the turkey wrap and my mom got the chicken salad - and then the flight attendant goes around with two bottles of wine: chardonnay & cabernet sauvignon.

I just love cabernet sauvignon and far be it from me to decline a glass. Nevermind that I'm a lightweight and 1/2 a glass with dinner gets me loopy. My mom hadn't had a drink since last year - before the heart attack but she asked for a little with lunch - so here we were, two light weights up in the air and laughing our heads off over nothing.

Oh and the guy who was sitting in front of me may have possibly been an air marshal because he was huge like a football player and refused all the amenities from first class minus the cookie. Plus, he got up and pretended that he needed to go to the bathroom at one point where he quickly scanned the plane and gave a look like "Shoot me a look and I'll drop kick your ass on this plane!" Of course I don't really know if he was an air marshal as you can't really ask, can you? I have to say, in future recounts of this story - he will be!

Anyhow, I spotted the driver right away as he was carrying a sign with my name on it.

Oh and further proof that I had too much to drink while in the plane. When you exit LaGuardia, there are these railings which obviously have apples on them but when I saw them upon arrival I thought they were pumpkins and I thought to myself "Is New York known for it's pumpkins?" It later clicked that they were apples not pumpkins!

Anyhow the driver was very sweet, he wasn't sure where he was taking us at first and had to make a couple of phone calls. Then he mentioned that he was told that he was picking me up for some sort of promotion for Glamour magazine and he called my mom and I the Glamour Girls.

We stayed at The Grand Hyatt New York and we had planned on hitting the museums the next day but everyone was telling my mom to take the bus tour so we went down to ask about it - simply ask and before I know it, the woman buys us two day passes for the bus tour.

And off we headed to Times Square to hop on the night tour. I have to say that if you're only in town for a limited time, especially if it's your first time ever, the bus tour is fabulous!

You get to see a lot in a short amount of time - like Cliff Notes of the city.

The next day we were walking to Times Square and ended up finding a street fair so we shopped around there for a while and then headed off to the bus tour. My mom wanted to have lunch in Little Italy so we got off on that stop and were a bit lost as Chinatown is so massive compared to teeny, tiny Little Italy. At one point my mom fell which worried me that perhaps she was overexerting herself. Once we found Little Italy, she felt better and we ate lunch and dessert there. Then we hopped back on the bus with no real plans at that point. Headed back to Times Square and then she mentioned wanting to hit the street fair again which we did. I could tell that she was really exhausted at that point and I forced her to sit down for a while.

After some time she had enough energy to walk back to the hotel and then we just crashed once we were there. I mentioned that we should consider just staying in because she was so exhausted and I was really worried about her. She took a nap and I ended up falling asleep soon after.

After a few hours, she woke up and said "Get up, I'm not spending my last night in New York staying in a hotel room!" I asked her if she was okay because I was fine staying in if she needed to but she insisted. So, off we went again to Times Square to do the night tour again - this time earlier than the night before.

Photo of the Fuller "Flatiron" building I took on the 2nd night tour.

Oh about the tours, they seem to take different paths each time so you end up seeing different things while on the same tour. While on the tour, she spotted a little deli close to Bryant Park and mentioned that we should pick up dinner there after the tour, which we ended up doing.

It really was the perfect day, I couldn't have asked for anything more at that point.

Now for the haircut:

We spent that morning in the hotel room up until an hour before check out and then spent the rest of the time in the lobby of the hotel because another driver was supposed to take us from the hotel to the Serge Normant salon.

Ah, my hair! Now, this is a rather strange prize for me to have won because I have always had issues with my hair. As a child, I had rather thick hair which was always tangled and my mom would fix my hair every morning, curling and styling it as it was rather long.

In fact, the first time I was ever caught injuring myself was when I was five. I hated how my hair looked and I started hitting myself and my mom caught me.

In the fifth grade my mom said either I had to get up every morning to curl my hair or else I'd have to get a perm, which I did. Along with the perm came the ultra short haircut which I wasn't expecting. I spent that entire year looking like Greg Brady!

Before being diagnosed with Graves Disease, the majority of my hair fell out and I looked like a balding man with a mullet.

When my hair grew back it, it grew back very thin. When I wear it in a pony tail, the circumference of it is smaller than that of a dime. Very thin!

I don't even remember the last time I had it professionally cut. Post-Graves, I've been cutting it myself. Just a simple choppy bob - very choppy as I'm cutting it myself.

I refer to my hair as "Buddha hair" as I don't have much hair and from certain angles look rather bald.

I wanted my mom to get the haircut as I felt she would appreciate it more but when I asked the PR agency about it they said they couldn't transfer the prize due to legal issues so I had to have the haircut.

The actual haircut started off late because the salon (which is a whole new salon - they just opened it in what was the meat district) they were doing a photo shoot there for British Glamour so it was me and then those people - that was it but they were focusing on those people first.

The contact person from the pr agency was there and as soon as we walked in she came up to us and was so sweet, she really took care of us. Because it was scheduled at 2:00 p.m. we were so pressed for time - we got there right at two because it's one way and some of the streets were blocked and it's new so the driver was totally confused - it doesn't look like it's open yet because there is all this construction.

So, Lauren - the contact person asked if she could get us lunch or anything and I wasn't hungry but my mom is insulin dependent and needed to eat. My mom was getting mad because I was insisting she eat something and she kept saying no. And I asked Lauren to please get my mom something because she's diabetic and needed to eat.

Serge came over and introduced himself - explained that he was running behind because of the photo shoot and looked at my hair - talked to us a bit.

Now the #1 question that everyone asks me is if he's a snob.

Anytime I'm presented with an opportunity I happen to think of the best case scenario and the worst case. I always hope for the best but tend to focus on the worst, so as not to be disappointed.

In this case however, I didn't think he was going to be a snob. I had seen him on Oprah years ago where he was on with Julia Roberts, he's done her hair for years and even did her hair when she won the Oscar.

I have always found that Julia Roberts is very down to earth, humble and genuine. So, I figured that she would surround herself with good people.

There was one interview where she was on the set of Steel Magnolias and she mentions that everyone on the set was complaining about little things with the exception of Dolly Parton. Dolly wouldn't complain at all and that really had an impact on her.

And you know how much I love Dolly so I figured Dolly + Julia + Serge = Good People!

Anyhow, it started off late - maybe like at 3:00 - maybe later? I don't know as there wasn't a clock around. The salon is rather small. There is a huge chandelier and then some pony hair ottomans in the middle and then huge mirrors on the side with the chairs in front. Really pretty and they've got brown and white towel lined up in the shampoo area.

Oh, Serge asked how often I get my hair cut, etc.. and I mentioned that I cut my own hair - that I just start hacking away at it and he gasped and gave me a look of horror, then looked at my mom and said "Mother!"

Months ago I tried Clairol Shine Aid in my hair and that really damaged my hair so I had reddish streaks in the front. And Serge asked if I had colored it or what was going on and I explained that I had used that Shine Aid and he was shocked at how it damaged my hair.

And he said he couldn't believe a product would cause so much damage.

I told him I was wanting to grow my hair out but he was more than welcome to do anything he wanted - I was up for anything and he suggested a shag haircut which kinda made my heart sink. My mom has pictures of herself with a shag from the 70's and I always thought it was the most unflattering hairstyle she's ever had - well, that and the frosted tips. Oh and last year when she had blond highlights put in.

Ack - once again rambling on! But I was up for anything and said that was fine!

They washed my hair and then he started cutting away - he is genius! He cut off all the damaged area - I kinda have bangs - haven't had any since middle school but these are just a small part to the side and the whole thing is wispy and gives me more volume.

While he was cutting my hair I mentioned that I had seen him on Oprah and he was so humble about it that you would have thought I said "I saw you at 711, buying a Slurpee!"

Seriously, he ranks up there with Dolly and SJP. Very genuine and beyond sweet!

John Frieda, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Serge Normant at the opening of the John Frieda Salon in New York taken from Elle.com

I asked him who were his favorite celebrities to work on and he said "Julia Roberts of course, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Hurley. But I love them all!"

He mentioned that I have a lot of natural shine on top which is funny as my sister has always said that my hair is rather dull.

I mentioned that I don't have too much hair to work with and how the majority of it fell out Pre-Graves. And he said "You have good hair, I'll give it more volume!"

Then he asked "Are you healthy now?" and I said yes, with the exception of my weight that I'm really focusing on losing weight and he said "Oh, don't worry about your weight! As long as you're healthy, that's all that matters!"

He then mentioned how beautiful my mom was and I mentioned that she had a heart attack in December. He couldn't believe it "He said, she looks so healthy, so beautiful!" He then asked if she had a history of heart problems and I mentioned that she's also diabetic and we suspect that the medicine she was on for her diabetes lead to the heart attack. And then she said "Oh, that's why you were insisting that she eat something, because you know better!"

Then he asked me "Do you think she'd like a shampoo and blowout?" To which I said "Oh, yes!" So, he sent his assistant over to ask her but she felt that it was too much, the entire trip was too perfect and that was offering too much so she didn't accept. Although I was screaming from the other side of the salon "Do it mom!"

After cutting my hair, they put a glosser with a hint of color and then he styled my hair. At that moment I felt like a superstar, I don't know how to describe it. It just seemed like it was too much for me and if it's the best thing that could ever happen in my life - I am ever so grateful for it have ever happened in my life! He was dancing around as as he was styling my hair and at one point said, "Mama is watching!"

The second that he finished styling my hair it was 4:00 which was the time the driver was supposed to pick us up to take us to the airport. I had my digital camera hoping to take photos at the salon but there was no time. It was like freakin' Cinderella - clock struck and my dream was coming to an end. So sadly, no pictures of the salon! But you can see one here from New York Magazine:

Serge hugged my mom and I and wished us both good health. My mom said to him "Good luck in your new salon!" As they had the grand opening a month ago. And he said "I will have luck, you two have brought me luck!" And he told my mom "Next time you're in town you'll be the one getting the haircut!"

He's like the Kevyn Aucoin of hair. For a long time I dreamed of meeting Kevyn and having him make me up - especially when my vitiligo went mad. Sadly that dream never came true but it kinda, sorta did in a way with my hair.

Then Lauren said that she had this huge gift bag filled with John Frieda products. She asked if I wanted to take it then or if I wanted to, she could FedEx them to me.

We were carrying on so I asked her to send them to me. They arrived the next morning and I received not only the entire John Frieda Brilliant Brunette line but also a ton of products from the Frizz-Ease line.

We then got in the car and went to the airport. While at the airport I saw the same Anderson Cooper cardboard cutout I'd seen in Chicago and you don't know how tempted I was to take a picture next to it with my superstar haircut but I was afraid that airport security would tackle me for doing so.

I'm still trying to make myself believe that it wasn't all a dream. Especially to have gone from one extreme to the other - all of December and the months following my mom's heart attack when I would wake up and have to remind myself that I wasn't trapped in a nightmare to this - all of it - just so beyond perfection.

Quoting Oprah now "God can dream a bigger dream than we can dream for ourselves."

This for me was beyond my wildest dreams, everything was so perfect - the flight out there, the time spent in the city, Serge and the haircut!

My sister asked me to take a picture of myself when I returned home - it took us a while as there were delays and layovers. Mind you, I look quite scary 99% of the time as it is and this picture was taken at around 4:30 A.M. EST, more than twelve hours after having my hair cut. I was wearing so much sunblock that I decided not to wear makeup that day as it was irritating my skin so this is me, sans makeup, looking scarier than normal with a superstar haircut which went flat after the long flight: Me.

Not the best photo obviously but it was the only one I took as I was beyond exhausted and I do believe that Cinderella looked quite crappy post-midnight also!

Since I'm actually publishing this on July 2nd but started writing this out on June 20th:

It's been two weeks now since the haircut and I'm still having trouble accepting that it wasn't all a beautiful dream. I wish I could think of a word that best describes this experience. The first couple of days after returning from the trip I'd have moments where I'd end up full out sobbing because it was that perfect!

So, two weeks ago was the haircut and two weeks from now is my birthday. Despite the negativity of this past year, I have got to say I know that this will be the best decade yet! I was so lost in my 20's and would have easily declined this prize. Even the smallest effort to improve myself hasn't gone unnoticed, unrewarded.

I'm not where I want to be but someday I will get there and I hope that it's greater than I envision it to be! I hope this is the first of many good things to come but if it isn't - that's okay because to have had this. This entire experience has just opened my spirit that much more to a better me and I'm ready to walk whichever path life leads me down.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


WW: Month from hell!

OMG have I really been away from my precious blog for over a month! Ugh, and what a month it has been! What a motherfuckingsuckingassratbastard month it has been. It has really been - the month from hell!

You know when you think "Man, everything is going pretty good..........something bad has to happen?"

Well, bad doesn't even began to describe it!

First off the weight! I'm still holding on to the five pounds that were re-gained during my mom's recovery process. While I was really doing good with my diet and exercise, my weight wasn't going down. I was just maintaining that weight so I started weight training and last week I lost two pounds! Yay, two pounds!

And this week I gained 2.8 lbs. So, I basically gained .8 lbs. WTF!?!?!

My cycle it totally off so I thought that it may be due to that but days later - still no cycle!!! I am sore and exhausted! All that work just to gain?!?! Yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat but come on! *shakes fists at universe*

I'm STILL dealing with the whole IRS thing. I sent them this huge envelope basically stating my case. The ad agency which ran the promotion sent me a revised 1099 in which they indicated zero income. I thought I'd see closure soon after that arrived.

Ah, no! IRS sent me a letter thanking me for my response and that they'll contact me letting me know what action they'll take based on the information I submitted. Thus, I'm in limbo with the IRS.

As if the IRS thing wasn't bad enough I am once again a victim of identity theft.

I received a letter from American Express stating that they were closing my account based on my credit record. I've had this account since I was nineteen years old and have always paid my credit cards on time, in full. I almost never carry a balance and by all means should have a spotless credit record.

The same thing happened two years ago but there was nothing on my credit report that indicated that there was a problem with my credit report. Still, the account that was closed to years ago remained closed because according to the issuer, they were unable to re-open closed accounts.

Which I believe is total bullshit but at the time I just shrugged and let it go.

The letter from AMEX states that their decision to close my account is based on the files Experian has on me and that I could contact Experian for copies of these files.

There is the option to check this information online - when I did so, it said that it was unable to process my information as I needed to include the addresses I've resided at within the last two years. I've only lived at this address for the last two years!

I then called the number and had to provide my Name, Address, SSN, Birthdate and after providing all that information it said "Based on the information you provided, we are unable to access your account."

Now I have to send in a letter with some sort of proof that I am indeed myself just to have access to my files.

I am so frustrated with this whole thing. I haven't injured myself in a really long time - since my mom's recovery and because of this I feel vulnerable to injuring myself.

I'm just so overwhelmed and frustrated because it's beyond my control and while I know that I'm innocent in all of this, I feel like there won't ever be any resolution to it all.

I feel so violated and helpless right now and know deep down inside that falling apart won't help my situation any but man, does it sound tempting.

Then yesterday I received what I thought was the PSP game I ordered - except it was a PS2. Being a moron - I decide to place an order at 3:00 in the morning and not check the format of the game before placing the order. I don't even own a PS2! Ugh, to the gift box it'll go.

Oh and I had ordered two bottles of Anna Sui Parfum from the same order as the PS2 game along with Guerlain Coriolan. Well, all three fragrances were to arrive in the same box. Except they didn't.

The only item in the box was Guerlain Coriolan. I contacted Overstock and they said that according to tracking, my package arrived yesterday.

Yes, it arrived I told them but it was missing the two Anna Sui parfums.

They informed me that they are sold out of the Anna Sui parfums and that they'll do a tracking to see if they can locate the missing items and I should hear a response in a couple of days.

Through everything I've remained so positive and now I feel that positivity slowly waining. I just feel both physically and now emotionally exhausted. I've been putting in a lot more energy and focus on my workouts just to let everything out and feel so drained afterward.

Okay, now that that's been said, I'd like to believe that this will be the most negative post ever on the blog this year.

Positivity, positivity, positivity!

Out with the bad and open to the good.

Friday, March 30, 2007



Talented and humble are two words that come to mind when I think of my friend Sali.

She mentioned that she was a singer when we first became friends...a singer...as if it were nothing big...a singer.

Now, I sing.

I sing in the shower, I sing on the treadmill and I love to sing karaoke.

My sister had a co-worker once who was a karaoke performer and even released an album of herself signing to karaoke tracks. In a delusional world - the two of us (myself and this karaoke performer) could consider ourselves singers.

Seriously, I cringe when I hear my own voice when retrieving the messages on my phone.

Honestly, if I had a voice like Sali's I would brag about it all the time! Humble wouldn't even know my name!

Fast forward to months after become a huge fan of her voice when Sali passingly mentions that she created a fragrance, Pink Manhattan. She even goes as far as mentioning that I may not like it but she would like my feedback on it.


I was not alone as it quickly became a cult favorite and was even picked up by several fragrance sellers.

Fast forward again to last year when Sali sent me a sample of a new fragrance she was tinkering around with. This untitled sample included three notes that I seem to be drawn to in many of my favorite fragrances: blackberry, pomegranate and sandalwood.

Needless to say, I was instantly drawn to this fragrance. The final product was changed only slightly from the prototype I tested.

Sali's new fragrance known as Unreleased Mix aka Persephone is described as a forbidden skin scent: a skinful blend of dark chocolate, blackberry, pomegranate, mysore sandalwood & royal purple flowers.

In the bottle, Persephone smells like those chocolate covered berry creams that you get in a box of chocolates. Very tempting!

I first tested the final product on a very cold night as I was going out to dinner and wanted something that would cling to my skin.

On the skin, the dark chocolate dissipates making room for the blackberries. Not an overly sweet scent but rather one that's subtle and subdued until about an hour and a half after initial application when all of the sudden it becomes this warm, inviting and incredibly sexy fragrance.

This was when the sandalwood kicked in for me and the floral notes rose to the surface. This scent embodied what I liked the most about the prototype and couldn't have been a better fragrance choice for the weather.

The next evening, the weather was much warmer and I had been working out on the treadmill for an hour. I took a shower and applied Persephone, changed into some cozy pajamas and watched a movie.

Minutes later I'm surrounded by this wonderful fragrance that is so different from the night before. The floral bouquet took center stage on this night where it was hidden the night before. The other notes were mere "walk on" characters in this production.

This made me appreciate Persephone even more because it's one of those rare fragrances that has the ability to change. Another example of a fragrance that changes with the weather is Delrae's Bois de Paradis. I much prefer to wear Bois de Paradis in colder weather as it
has that extra sass that's missing with warm weather. The spices and fig seem to pop out more where they are lacking in warmer weather.

With the arrival of spring, the weather out here is very cold early in morning and late at night with warm afternoons. I have been dabbing Persephone all week long and have welcomed every note as the scent changes as the day goes on. It really is a beautiful blend and one that I have proudly added to my collection.

In so many ways, Sali is Persephone. She has the ability to adapt, to change, in the background or to take the lead.

Talented and humble are only two words of the million that can describe who she is, what she does and where she'll go.

Persephone retails for:
$110 USD for 1/4 fl oz. (Full Size)
$66 USD for 1/8 fl oz. (Half Size)

Carded samples $6 each for a half-filled small vial, 2 per customer limit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Two weeks ago, I made this post about Switchring.

Last week while posting I noticed that Julie from Switchring responded to my post. And yesterday a package arrived from Switchring containing packages of:

Solid Gold &

Wow! I honestly didn't expect any type of response from Switchring at all. Seriously, how many buisinesses would have responded to a complaint from customer who ordered almost six months ago?

Everything arrived perfectly and they were packaged with both bubble wrap and packing peanuts! Nothing smashed this time!

Thank you Julie! Thank you Switchring!

Switchring is now my favorite thing ever from Canada! Well, second only to Degrassi!

I love me some Degrassi!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Sweet T Original

I was first introduced to Sweet T Original when I was looking for a simple tote bag and ended up purchasing this Rose Tote.

At the time I had no idea that one small search for a simple tote bag would turn me into a tote bag collector!

I then ended up purchasing the following tote bags - all Sweet T Original tote bags!

Hibiscus Tote

Mon Cheri tote

Daisy Tote

These are collaboration tote bags in which Tanja of Sweet T Original collaborated with other artists to create limited edition bags.
The Girl & The Tree tote

Collaboration with Gaia from OtherSuchThings. In fact Gaia still has her collaboration tote up for sale: The Girl & The Tree tote.

Mine is the one in the foreground, it's different from the other one as mine has dots framing the face and the other design has clouds and birds.

Green Tote

Collaboration with Annalaura of Annalaura. The collaboration tote bag was exactly the same but hers was sold. I seriously wonder who has the my tote's twin.

Candy Tote

This was a collaboration with Sara from alphabetbandit. If you click on the above link you can see a picture of the this tote's twin.

Tanja also collaborated with Jeff Claassen. I failed to nab myself one of those bags which really sucks and I could kick myself for not having bought one!

Not only are these bags incredibly well made and all out wonderful but Tanja has the best customer service ever! She even included one of her fabulous makeup bags in one of my orders!

Seriously, the best in the industry and she's been featured in German Glamour and other publications!

Anyhow, I hadn't placed an order in a while and I was surprised to receive a package from her recently enclosed was this tote bag and the following note.:

Seriously, how awesome is that! I tell you, Tanja is one of the most fabulous people in the universe!

I am a customer for life!


WW: Reflections

Stepped on the scale yesterday morning and discovered I gained five pounds. Ah, don't worry I didn't have an all out binge festival, my cycle started up - fashionably late.

I've been seriously puffy but am not worried about any serious weight gain as I was very good last week and stuck to my exercises routine and took account for everything I ate. In fact, I turned down an invitation to eat out this past weekend because I knew that I'd be tempted to order something unhealthy.

My hormones have been making me rather emotional lately - a slight touch of melancholy but for the most part I've remained rather positive.

Something I forgot to mention in my last WW update was about my mom's progress.

Now we're at the point where we can reflect on how much progress has been made. For a while I was really scared that she would suffer another heart attack. While I had been researching low-sodium foods and healing post-heart attack I came across a statistic that only 1/3 of female heart attack patients make a full recovery. So, during that time I was slowly preparing myself for the worse case scenario.

To see my mom now, you never would have thought that anything ever happened. In so many ways the heart attack changed everything because now she's committed toward being healthy - both for the present (to continue her healing process) and for the future (because we do have so much control over health.)

She was told that a friend of hers has a father-in-law who also had a quadruple bypass around the same time as her surgery and he's currently in awful shape. That he's severely depressed, still incredibly swollen, refusing to eat. I suspect that this man's doesn't have the will to go on.

And then consider that my mom had both thalassemia and diabetes to contend with and she's slightly older than this man.

She offered to speak to this man as she can relate to what he's going through but he's not taken her up on the offer.

Remaining positive has really played such a huge role in her progress. Ugh, things really sucked for a while and then got even worse than we ever could have imagined but then they got better and then even better than imagined.

For now I'm really grateful that things are going really good - almost impossibly good. And I'll reflect on this when things turn bad. This too shall pass.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


A little birdie told me

These are two of my favorite pieces in my glass jewelry collection:

I bought this ring through The Carrotbox. I don't remember the price I paid but it was actually marked down because it was a prototype piece.

I bought this necklace through Broke Down Barn. I first fell in love with this style of necklace when I saw one that was sold on the Crafters for Critters site. I didn't even have a favorite color choice in mind - I just loved the design.

Discovered this piece on sale one day and fell in love. I adore it! Honestly, most people don't understand why I love this necklace so much but I do!
There is currently a Blue Bird necklace up for sale on the site.


Sony PSP

Last year my biggest wins were: Two one-year subscriptions to Netflix, and iPod Shuffle and an iPod Nano.

Check out what I won this year: a Sony PSP!

Um, I won a few other things this year as well but this has been the biggest.

I don't even know how this thing works, nor do I have any games for it but it seems cool.

I was rather disappointed to discover that I can't play Tetris on this thing. I could seriously play Tetris for hours!

Hopefully they sell cool games for this thing. Back in the day my sister had the original Nintendo & Gameboy and I had the Sega game system and the portable Sega. I still have that portable Sega but only have two games for it.

I'm so not a gamer - I could never defeat Koomba.
To this day I am in awe of people who are able to defeat Koomba!


WW: Yay, I lost!

I have to admit, after last week's weigh-in I felt rather disappointed. It's been hard getting back into my previous routine and I've been watching what I've been eating and exercising so I was incredibly shocked when I gained last week.

Panic starts to set in and I start thinking "What if this is it, what if I never lose weight beyond this point. What if I keep gaining from here on out!."

Then I run over worst case scenarios and think of all the negative solutions I've used before like crash dieting, bulimia, etc...

Which I know are temporary solutions to a permanent problem so all last week I measured everything. I took account for everything I ate, every workout was logged in.

Sometimes I get so lazy about doing so but I really needed to see results.

It still wasn't enough for me so on Monday morning I was on the treadmill for two hours before weighing in. Scale said I lost 4.2 lbs.

Now, I know that some of that fluctuation is caused by the workout but I did it, I lost some weight this week!

My cycle which for the most part is very regular has been wonky lately and I'm very late this month. Last week I was seriously mad puffy and my hormones have been out of control but still - nothing!?!

Maybe stress? The past two weeks have been rather stressful because of the whole IRS thing.

After loads of phone calls and paperwork, I sent the IRS this bulky envelope defending what was submitted on my 2005 tax return. I just hope for a positive resolution to this entire matter as I was not at fault.

So far things are on the up and up this week and I've been sticking to the same routine.


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