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Indulge Posted by Hello

My fragrance of the day is Eadward Indulge, I had forgotten that I do have more than one gourmand fragrance in my collection because this was a beautiful gift bestowed upon me by my dazzling Cupid Jonna!

According to the website it is reminiscent of one's childhood, Indulge has a playful blend of warm, sweet notes with a hint of chocolate.

The notes in Indulge by Eadward Fragrances include: chocolate, cinnamon, brown sugar and orange marmalade.

It's a wonderful warm fragrance and perfect for a chilly weekend! The version of Indulge that I was given was the special (stronger) version made for La Creme Beauty. It's a bargain fragrance at $28/2 oz. I have yet to try the rest of the Eadward Fragrances but hear that they are delightful!

I am not a huge gourmand fan, but I do need to try that one again. So far my favorite sweet-foody fragrance is Molinard Tendre Friandise.

Love your blog, and just added a link from mine :-)
I just remembered that I do have another gourmand in my collection, Annick Goutal's Eau de Charlotte.

I don't typically like gourmands in fragrances but the Eau de Charlotte was purchased unsniffed and it's something I like to wear to bed rather than during the day.

I do however don't mind gourmand bath products such as soaps, scrubs and Philosophy's 3-in-1 gels.

I tend to flock to fragrances that have nutmeg, cinnamon and clove so it doesn't suprise me that I loved P&C or Indulge.
Hi Best friend and Robin:

My personal favorite is also Molinard Tendre Fiandise. It is a mixture of lovely and delicious. Yesterday I re-experienced Rahat. Cavewoman wore it and it smelled fantastic. I need to find my decant. Great blog Atreau!
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