Thursday, March 10, 2005


Anné Pliska

Anné Pliska
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Today's fragrance choice of Anné Pliska is a welcome surprise! When I first applied this it reminded me of a Tinkerbelle fragrance my sister had as child. Once it dried down however, it reminded me a bit of a heavier version of Emeraude minus the powdery finish, granted I haven't worn Emeraude in about a decade. With that in mind, this does have a older fragrance vibe to it. Of course I noted this before I had even seen a picture of the bottle. Is that an ugly bottle or what?

Note: I don't know the history behind this fragrance but what I mean by older fragrance is fragrances that have been forgotten or pushed aside for more "modern" (fruity/floral) fragrances.

According to Luscious Cargo, the notes in this one are: Vanilla, amber, musk, patchouli, bergamot, geranium.

The vanilla is apparent right away, but it's more like an vanilla/orange mixture like a creamsicle. This can't be mistaken as a sweet fragrance however because the amber is the next strongest note. I sense a bit of clove in this fragrance, you know how some people cover oranges with whole cloves to decorate during the holidays and leave them out in a bowl in the entrance of their home.

I think this is a perfect autumn to winter fragrance perfect from morning to night but please don't let that description stop you from wearing it as an evening fragrance in spring or summer months.

It retails for $60.00/2 oz. at Luscious Cargo. Other items in this line include Sparkling Body Lotion $37.00/7.5 oz and Perfumed Body Creme $53.00/6.6 oz.

Wow, that really is an ugly bottle for such a pretty perfume! It looks like a cheap drugstore perfume from the 70s.
I agree with Robin on the horrible bottle. I purchased the bottle from lusciouscargo. I love the juice but I shove the bottle behind the Serge Lutens. The company might want to rethink its design.
I totally agree with the lovely ladies - the bottle is terrible but juice rather nice. I gave a bottle I had received in a swap to my mom and she really likes it.
I hope that they re-package the fragrance someday because it's a shame for such a lovely perfume to be overlooked because of the horrible packaging!
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