Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Bad Movies

Cabin Fever Posted by Hello

On Sunday night I couldn't sleep so I turned on HBO at 3:00 in the morning and the only movie I had not yet seen that was playing was Wrong Turn with Eliza Dushku. The main plot of this movie was a group of people stranded in the woods with in-bred cannibals chasing them. Now I know what you're thinking, "Could this plot get any better?" I wanted to cry because the movie was that bad. I can't believe I wasted almost two hours of my life watching this movie which was until that point - the WORST movie I've ever seen in my life. Mind you, I count Spice World amongst my favorite movies.

Well, Wrong Turn was the worst movie I had ever seen in my life until last night when again because of my insomnia I decide to watch HBO at 1:00 A.M. and this time I treated myself to seeing Cabin Fever *sobs.* The main plot of this movie was a group of people are once again stranded in the woods but this time it's a flesh eating virus that's after them. There is one scene where a disturbed little boy screams out "Pancakes, pancakes" then proceeds to do karate and then bites one of the characters! The movie gets worse at every second and should NEVER have been made!

This movie should be shown as a torture device, instead of the death penalty we should lock up people on death row and show them this movie every day for the rest of their lives! *sobs* I need an intervention and a sleeping pill! Please stop me before I see another bad movie!

Cabin Fever was so hyped up and it stunk! I hate how all these new horror movies steal ideas from the older ones and ruin everything with exaggerated brainless teenage stereotypes, horrible CGI, and pointless shocks. Argh! And all these "surprise" bad-guy-wins endings aren't surprising anymore! I'm watching Freddy VS. Jason right now for the gazillionth time and it's painful to sit through. I'm just trying to be a loyal genre fan! *sob&seethe* >:) I can't even think of a recent "good" horror movie that wasn't total crap or a remake/cheap 'homage' to something else. Wait, I lied. Session 9 is good. Did you see it? I love Sweet Oriental Dream, too. Happy thoughts. Ok, I'm calm now. pheeew. I love your blog!
Heh. I lurve me some bad movies. It's a sickness you kind of just have to learn to live with, I think. *adds Cabin Fever to rental list* That's hilarious - "Pancakes! Pancakes!"
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Ell Em Ay Oh on "Pancakes, pancakes!" + karate + biting.
It was truly awful! I've not yet seen Session 9...Animal!

I wanted to tear my eyes out and the memory of that movie!
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