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Carthusia Mediterraneo

Carthusia Mediterraneo Posted by Hello

Today's fragrance of the day is Carthusia Mediterraneo. This is quite a departure from yesterday's fragrance choice of Serge Luten's Chergui, which I happened to love.

According to the Carthusia website, The citrus fruit symbol of the Bay of Naples, the fragrance,the colours, the past and the present of an enchanting place.

The description of Mediterraneo is, the freshness of lemon leaves mingles with the sparkling notes of green tea in this sun-filled and dynamic fragrance.

To me, this is a fragrance suited more for hot summer days. It reminds me of lemon sun tea that is made instead with green tea. I don't traditionally like green tea fragrances but the green tea in this blend is very subtle where the lemon leaves play a more predominant role. It's not an overly lemony fragrance, it smells very fresh, light and clean.

It retails for 1.7 oz./$65 or 3.4 oz./$98 at Aedes.

mmmmm, one of my very favorites! It is more suited to summer but I wear it in the winter too when I am in denial about the weather.
I wonder if the staying power is longer if sprayed. It's a beautiful fragrance but I've had to re-apply twice already so I'm concered that the staying power would be even less in very warm weather.
Like any citrus, the staying power isn't fabulous, but I find it reasonable when sprayed. Still, I don't think it will last all day without re-applying. They do make an EdP too, which I haven't tried -- maybe that lasts longer?
I have a small decant so I don't know what the strength is but I assume it is EdT. It's a shame because it really is a lovely fragrance but the lasting power would keep me from purchasing it. Of course, I did apply some to my hair and that while lasting all day was fairly faint as well.
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