Monday, March 21, 2005


Caterina dè Medici

Today I'm wearing i Profumi di Firenze's Caterina dè Medici Eau de toilette. I first tried this last fall and didn't like it at all but decided to keep the sample to test when the season changed. I'm glad I did because my mind's changed on this fragrance.

The description on the website is: Extravagant ambrosial floral bouquet, named for its benefactress and faithfully replicated from the 16th century secret formula. Deliciously lush, its floral elegance evokes all that is luxurious and royal. Enduring elegance - day or night, winter or summer.

The notes according to the website are: Damascus Rose, Lily of the Valley, Iris of Florence. The rose is apparent as soon as I applied it to my skin but once it dries down there is only this is blend of lily of the valley and iris left. I used to dispise lily of the valley, it used to smell very bitter to me. But now I think that I never smelled a good lily of the valley until recently.

The one thing that would keep me from buying this is the staying power! I'm dissapointed in the staying power of this fragrance which is all but gone in less than an hour. I do happen to have incredibly dry skin which doesn't help staying power much but I would expect it to still last longer than an hour.

Oh well, one less fragrance to buy! Caterina de Medici is available at LusciousCargo or Beautyhabit.com for $79/1.7 oz.

The IdPf store in Florence is just a great little store - not fancy at all. They have so many pure parfums there that are not sold elsewhere. There skincreams are also lovely. This fragrance is nice but not my favourite.
I would love to visit their store one day! I'd probably even end up purchasing the fragrances that don't appeal to me.
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