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Kiss Posted by Hello

While I was eating the Hershey's kisses that Jonna sent me as my wonderful cupid I discovered something. Now before I induce widespread panic I want you to realize that I was eating in specific the Dark Hershey's Kisses (Shout out to DHK on the board!). The reason that they are called kisses in particular is because it looks as if the machines "kiss" the conveyor belt as they are being made. You can see this example in the beginning of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the old version of course as the new version has not yet been released. Anyhow, I noticed that the top of the kiss does not have the little loop at the top that the conveyor belt makes. This has a rounded off top and it is clear to me that it was not made by a conveyor belt but instead by a chocolate mould!

I feel cheated! How can they continue to call them kisses if they aren't being made the traditional way? I hestitate to write Hershey's with a massive letter campaign because of what happened with the Jif fiasco!

Does anyone remember that? Jif had commercials where two little girls are having a sleep over and one little girl is sad and thinks the sleepover is a bad idea so the other little girl makes her a peanut butter sandwich with Jif. To make the sandwich, she uses a spoon to spread the peanut butter onto the bread. I figured that maybe Jif didn't want to encourage kids to use knives thus the application with a spoon. She then asks the little girl how her mom cuts her sandwiches down the center or across and then pulls out a knife! It was mentioned to me that the little girl could have used to spoon to satisfy her own urges of wanting peanut butter and then licking it off the spoon. I was curious to know what Jif had to say about the entire utensil switching. I didn't of course expect a response from Jif, but the next day a representative from Jif called and apologized for the entire utensil switching. She explained that the advertising agency was involved in the making of the commercial and not Jif themselves.

I am interested to hear how Hershey's responds to this matter but first, I'll have to do further research to guarantee that it applies to all kisses and not just in particular the dark version.

This reminds me of a strange thing: a friend of mine once explained to me, while making me a PBJ using a spoon as a spreader, that her father became absolutely livid when his children used knives to spread the jam. They were warned, sternly, that the only appropriate utensil for the purpose was a spoon. Perhaps it is an odd lost bit of manners from a different age of kitchen habits? Or maybe freaks just think alike.
I know that my Mom would have been livid had I dirtied two utensils in my attempts of making peanut butter sandwiches. Maybe I should take this matter up with Miss. Manners. They didn't quite cover this when I took etiquette classes as a child. Maybe it's fine time that we set the record straight!
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