Saturday, March 12, 2005


Contest Girl

Contest Girl

After winning a Lucky Break contest in late 2003 I thought it would be fun to enter any contests on a regular basis. I don't believe in gambling so I don't play the lottery but there is nothing lost by entering contests. So I entered as many contests as I could in 2004. I won a few prizes through the year, a Sony Mp3 player, an HP digital camera and printer, an autographed Hoobastank surfboard and a lots of other things.

In May 2004, I was sent an affidavit through my e-mail on a prize I won through New Line Cinema for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. So I didn't think much about it, had it notarized and mailed it off.

A week later someone called me back and mentioned that they hadn't received my affidavit. I thought I won maybe a tee shirt or a DVD, at tops maybe the LOTR chess set. Well, the contact told me that he couldn't tell me what I won until he received the affidavit but he could guarantee I won a good prize. He mentioned that the first prize for this contest was a trip to New Zealand and the grand prize was a 2004 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Well, I was all for the trip to New Zealand !

Earlier last year, My Mom had mentioned that she wanted to buy a new car as she's never had a new car in her entire life! So I told her that if I ever won a vehicle I'd give it to her.

A few months later, she gave her car away to a friend and had been driving my 1991 fugly Honda which has no air conditioning. So finally in June I was called and told that I was the winner of a 2004 Town & Country minivan. It's taken several months to award the prize but I'm pleased to annouce that this morning we picked up the 2005 Town & Country (because so much time elapsed between the notice and awarding of the prize).

It's fully loaded, there is a seat warmer on the driver's seat! The interior is all leather and it had a DVD player and GPS unit. It also has the stow and go seats. The people at the dealership were incredibly excited because they've never sold a vehicle that held all these features. They said only 5% of the vehicles they sell have the stow and go seats.

They couldn't believe that I had won the van and one man even brushed up against me for luck (I felt that was a bit disturbing but wouldn't have minded if it were say Brad Pitt!) My Mom was diagnosed with Thalassemia Alpha and Type 2 Diabetes last year and this has certainly lifted her spirits.


Hi Best Friend!

Congrats on the car!
That is so cool about you entering contests. Do you enter once or several times?
I would love to win an Ipod or that darn pesky Hermes bag on bluefly.
This is so sweet of you. Hope your Mom is enjoying the car.

There are different contests, some are daily entires, a few are weekly but the majority of them are one time only. The majority of the prizes that I have won have been through one time only entries.

There were two ways to enter to win the van. The first one was for individuals who bought the LOTR: The Two Towers theatrical DVD version there was a card inside with a code and you logged online and registered to win.

The second way to enter was a daily entry through a website set up by New Line Cinema.

I enter all the iPod contests and have yet to win one! I also entered daily on the Hermes bag and didn't win that either! :(
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