Friday, March 25, 2005


Do you dare?

Do you dare? Posted by Hello

I dared alright! I tried it because I too was Curious! Curious enough to test Britney Spears' fragrance Curious by Elizabeth Arden. It is described as an exhilarating white floral accented with Louisiana Magnolia and wrapped in the sensuality of vanilla-infused musk.

There is a fruityness to this fragrance that is hidden by the magnolia and tuberose. I'll be honest and say I think that the bottle is a adorable. I didn't have high expectations for this fragrance but in all honesty it isn't half bad. It would be a nice fragrance to wear in spring or summer for daytime use.

This is something I can imagine Britney wearing four years ago before she walked into public restrooms while barefoot, made out with Madonna and married KFed. I once went to a party at a house that smelled like a mixture of vomit, years of cigarette stench and an unclean fish tank and that's the type of smell I imagine her wearing now.

I feel a bit sorry for Britney, I think her Mom has taken advantage of her fortune and I think in a desperate effort to "grow up" she rushed to get married. I don't know what she sees in KFed but whatever he's offering I don't want any of it!

Curious is currently sold at all major department stores and retails for $39.50/1.7 oz. or $49.50/3.3 oz.

I agree with all your assessments of Britney! And I love that bottle.
I have a weakness for bulb atomizers, even if they leak! :(
What the hell is wrong with my nose? I swear, all I ever got from it was cherry cough syrup.
There are a few bottles of that going around that will turn your skin green.
i have some and it smells so good
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