Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Fiori di Capri

Today's fragrance is Carthusia Fiori di Capri Eau de Parfum. This is a gorgeous fragrance with notes of lily of the valley and wild carnation are blended together with the enigmatic allure of sandalwood, ylang-ylang and oak.

The lily of the valley is more apparent at first than the carnation is in this fragrance. Then the carnation seems to seep through the fragrance. It's not the spicy powdery carnation that I'm used to smelling in fragrances. This is more a fresh carnation which is a welcome change. As my skin warms up to it, the ylang-ylang seems to be more apparent. It finishes off with a very clean woody fragrance that is more of a light sandalwood than oak.

This is a really gorgeous fragrance and is perfect year round, that could easily be worn from morning to night. I'd have to sample more before giving in to a full bottle but it is in contention!

It retails for $110/1.7 oz. at Aedes.com

I like this and coincidentally re-tested it yesterday and may even get a bottle for summer.

Thanks for the review...

I need to try this one again too. I was so blown away by Mediterraneo that I kind of ignored the rest of the line. I love the EdP bottles with the atomizer too.
I really loved this one, more so than Mediterreneo. But a lot of that of course has to do with the fact that Mediterreneo didn't have enough staying power on my skin.
I find that buying a fragrance is more than just picking out a smell that you like,
because of your body chemistry make affect the scent. Beauty and
fragrance products are two of the highest selling items around the world
and a mark of culture and fashion.

Would you say this scent is for both ladies and gentlemen, or more of feminine air?
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