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Floris Cefiro

Floris Cefiro Posted by Hello

While digging around in my sample box I discovered I had not only one but two samples of Cefiro by Floris. Not only had I never tried this before but I'd never even heard of it. The notes for Cefiro are:

Top: Lime, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lemon
Middle: Green Bergamot, Neroli
Bottom: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Green Tea, Musk

Upon opening the sample vial I could smell the lime right away. Once applied to my skin however, I just smell a bold mixture of citrus. I can't detect each note individually as all the notes somehow mesh into one fragrance. After a while, the woods and musk do come through with enough impact to change the fragrance but not enough to hide the citrus!

People who love Hierbas de Ibiza would easily love this as well! It's a fabulous unisex fragrance that would be perfect for summer and can easily be worn from day to night. This is certainly one I'm going to have to test again when the weather really warms up!

It retails for $40/1.7 oz. or $60/3.4 oz. for the Eau de Toilette. The Eau de Parfum is $85/3.4 oz and the line is available at most major department stores or Floris.

For those who are interested in a bargain, on the Floris site there is a Lulu Guinness Cefiro Giftset being sold for $35. The description on the site: Exclusively designed for Floris by Lulu Guinness, this small, practical bag will slip easily into a handbag and contains a Cefiro 50ml EDT, Body Moisturiser and Foaming Bath & Shower Gel. They are selling the set for $5 less than what they are selling the EDT alone! It's item #82909

Update: After wearing this for over an hour, the green tea emerged from out of nowhere making it an even more interesting fragrance!

My DH's favourite summer fragrance is Cefiro - he adores it since it was launched. :)
It's a wonderful fragrance for summer!
Cefiro's too green or something for me...probably would smell better on my guy. Of the Floris line I like Seringa and Gardenia best followed by Fleur which is OK but a little too marine for my taste. I love all the other stuff you can get at fLoris like the powder puffs in pastel colors and the silver items like candleholders and soap dispensers.
*gulp* They have poweder puffs? Oh man! I have such a weakness when it comes to powders! I bought three enormous powder puffs from Caswell-Massey that arrived last week! I'm in heaven!

This is only the second Floris fragrance I've tried, the first being of course Malmaison.
Cefiro is pretty, so is the Summer Limes, although that one doesn't last long on me. But so far Malmaison is the one from this line that impressed me the most. I need to try more from Floris!
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