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Fracas Posted by Hello

By coincidence? I happened to grab this sample of Fracas given to me by the white flower goddess on MUA: Songscent! Plus everyone on MUA knows this is Keeter's favorite so how could I not review it? >:D

Anyhow, when I first applied it on my skin I could smell tuberose and even the orange right away but that seemed to be taken over by a mixture of jasmine and a buttery gardenia. After wearing it for a while the sandalwood and vetiver make a quiet appearance. This is a total white floral party and if you don't like white florals you won't like this one. The notes that are most predominent in this fragrance are jasmine and gardenia making this a wonderful spring or summer fragrance and it can easily be worn from day to night.

I'm liking this one even if it gives my second self nightmares! Then again she used to wear Electric Youth and Clinique Happy so I wouldn't be too surprised if she does have Fracas juice in an empty bottle of Matthew Williamson's Incense! :D

Fracas retails for $65/1.7 oz. and $95/3.4 oz. and is found in most department stores but can be had for much less online or through Ebay.

Yum, Fracas! One of my favorites. I used to think that tuberose was too much floral for me, but Fracas brought me around and now tuberose is one of my favorite notes.
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