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I get what I want...most of the time

Kevyn Posted by Hello

I can honestly say that in my life most of the things I've wanted in life I've gotten, over time of course. I remember as a child shopping with my Grandma and she always bought me whatever I wanted! I of course did not realize that most grandparents spoil their grandchildren. However, most grandparents were not like my Grandma, it's fair to say I was her favorite and I always got what I wanted!

When I was little I wanted an older brother more than anything to push me on the swings (the world revolving around me of course). Since I couldn't have an older brother I then set my sights on something better, a little sister to play Barbies with. When my Mom told me that I was going to have a sibling I knew that I was going to have a sister because that was what I wanted!

While my Mom was pregnant everyone kept telling me that I was going to have a brother! I didn't want a brother, I had to have a sister! I didn't understand why everyone kept telling me that I was going to be so happy with a brother! I kept correcting people that I was not going to have a brother, I was going to have a sister!

So the day finally came and my Mom called me from the hospital and told me that I got a sister! I remember my Dad buying me a gift that day, going to see her and I couldn't wait for my sister to get home! She had to grow up a bit before she could play Barbies with me!

Growing up Sar loved to play dress up and I was the one who loved to play with makeup. There was a Barbie makeup kit that my Grandma bought me, it had different eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks. There are pictures of me with dramatic blue eye shadow and cherry red lipstick.

My sister only liked her Tinkerbell makeup which had pale pastel colors. BORING! I wanted color! I couldn't wait to grow up and wear real makeup. And over time some of my choices have been questionable. Sar always had the same look - smokey eyes and lip liner over lipbalm. It never changed!

When we first saw Kevyn Aucoin on television we were both in awe of this genius! He made ordinary looking women look extraordinary! I thought it would be a blast to be famous just to have my own makeup artists. But the next best thing would be to have a makeup artist in your family. One of my dreams was to have a makeover my Kevyn Aucoin one day. My sister would ask me if she could apply makeup to my face and I'd end up looking like either Siouxsie Sioux or a hooker! Sadly, Kevyn Aucoin passed away in 2002 and that was one dream that I had that will never be fulfilled. But, Kevyn's motto was "Anything is possible!"

My sister last year mentioned that she'd love to be an Esthetician and last fall she started school for it. I was most excited of course for her to take the makeup classes, especially since her school specialized in fantasy makeup. Yesterday, she finished her last makeup class. This week she won 3rd place in her class for her makeup look. She copied Kevyn's makeup for Gwyneth Paltrow from the Making Faces book (pg. 150).

So, my dream is coming true in a way, I'll now have my own personal makeup artist! I get what I want...most of the time!

I love Kevyn Aucoin...I still get sad every time I think of his death :o(

The good ones always leave this Earth too soon.
I couldn't agree more! I loved Kevyn Aucoin but he left such a legacy to this world and that is something that will never be forgotten!
He broke down the barrier for many women in his lifetime by bringing a more global view of beauty to the forefront. I appreciate that he disliked the term "ethnic beauty" because there should not be one standard by which other types of beauty would be measured and labeled ethnic or otherwise. He was not only brilliant but a socially conscious guy. RIP Kevyn--I love you.
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