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Lorenzo Villoresi Donna

Lorenzo Villoresi Donna Posted by Hello

I grabbed the first vial on the pile of fragrances I had yet to try and the lucky choice for today is Lorenzo Villoresi's Donna Eau de Toilette. On Luscious Cargo, it states from the perfumer: A precious base of Bulgarian rose and rose de Mai. Fresh and spicy notes of coriander, clove and star anise enriched with ylang ylang, iris root, cyclamen, lilac, geranium, narcissus of the mountains, jasmine, violet leaves, black currant, spices, and aromatic woods.

When I first applied it, I could smell the rose which was a more mature rose that had more time to develop it's scent. However, once the fragrance dried down the rose took a very distant back seat to the spices. If you don't like spicier rose fragrances, stay clear from this one. While it isn't as spicy as Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's Poivre, Regina Harris or Cabaret but it certainly can't be put into the fresh rose category either.

This is a heavier fragrance more suited in my opinion to evening wear in any season. A little goes a very long way with this one, if you don't want a fragrance that makes an entrance before you odds are you won't like this one.

Donna is sold at Luscious Cargo and Aedes for $90/3.3 oz. Other items in the Donna collection include Donna bath and shower gel $29.00/8.25 oz, Donna body lotion $40.00/8.25 oz, Donna soap 100g./Single bar $15 or box of three $42 and Donna body oil $60.

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