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Mark Gastineau

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I've never seen an episode of The Apprentice or The Bachelor, instead I spend my time on quality reality television! I spend my time watching Strange Love and Gastineau Girls.

Strange Love is basically a spin off of the third season of The Surreal Life, I had seen the other two seasons and was incredibly excited to see the person I spend many hours thinking of in middle school Jordan Knight (of NKOTB as if I really need to explain that!) Anyhow, Strange Love is about Brigitte Nielsen and Flava Flav who have some sort of weird relationship. I of course was a huge fan of Flava's but only knew that Brigitte was once married to Sylvester Stalone.

Gastineau Girls is about two socialites (Lisa is the mother, Brittny is the daughter) and how they spend their days. I don't think there is a better way to describe it because I don't think that they do anything but shop and flirt with men. Maybe as the season progresses they reveal their talents?

Anyhow, what I didn't know is that these two shows are tied together by one man, Mark Gastineau. He was apparently a huge football star back in his day and he was married to both the Lisa on the Gastineau Girls (He's Brittny's father) and Brigitte Nielson!

Not only is he a former football player but he's a reality television visionary! Who else would marry two women in the 1980's who both became reality television stars nearly two decades later? Sure he had his problems in the past: he used steroids and had a history of abuse. But he's trying to turn his life around!

So, I propose that we combine Strange Love and The Gastineau Girls into one show! We'll invite former loser sporting stars from the 1980's (Steve Garvey are you listening?) to revive their careers. Brigitte can call everyone Floofy, Floofy and slap them around, Flava can create the soundtrack and freak them out a bit and Lisa and Brittny can give them makeovers and do whatever it is they do.

Mark Gastineau, get your agent on this now before your fifteen minutes of fame by association are gone!

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