Thursday, March 31, 2005


Miel de Bois

Miel de Bois

Stupid blogger! I wrote a smashing review for this fragrance several hours ago and though it had posted! I'll try to re-hash it from memory!

The notes according to Aedes are:

Top: ebony, gaiac and oak wood
Middle: honey
Base: beeswax, iris and hawthorn.

As soon as I applied it to my skin the wood was quite apparent. It was like walking through the wood section at the hardware store. All of the sudden a burst of Bit-O-Honey waifs in. So imagine yourself humming while walking down the isles and then you stop to pop in a Bit-O-Honey in your mouth. Mash those fragrances together and that's what Miel de Bois is all about!
It's not overly sweet because the woods take up most of the fragrance leaving enough room but not too much for the honey to seep through.

This would be very sexy in autumn or winter and would be gorgeous to wear from morning to night under the cloak of a heavy leather jacket and your legs covered by thigh high black leather boots! It's far too heavy for me to wear this time of year.

It retails for $89.00/1.7 oz. at Aedes or Barneys.

Will it go with a bottle of rum as well as it coordinates with my boots? Yo!Ho!Ho!
Aye matey! This fragrance is a fearless as you are!
Wonderful review! Regretfully, the fragrance turns quite unpleasant on my skin. I could not believe what I smelled, because I am usually delighted by everything from Serge Lutens.
Beauty and style coupled with a sweet fragrance can make most men stop and stare at their anonymous encounter. Today perfumes are considered to be the most luxurious and sensuous body fragrance products that create a magical touch.

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