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Miss Danielle

Miss Danielle Posted by Hello

The fragrances by Ebba Los Angeles aren't talked much about on the boards. If you don't like white flowers, you won't like the Ebba collection. The scents in this collection are in my opinion underrated gems because the perfume oils are very pure and long lasting.

While I like many of the fragrances in the Ebba collection, I had not yet sampled Miss Danielle. There are two notes in Miss Danielle: Pikake which is Hawaiian jasmine and grapefruit. I'm not one to like grapefruit in fragrances, so my expectations were a bit low.

When I first applied it to my skin I could smell the jasmine right away. I don't know exactly what the difference between regular jasmine and pikake are but this has a more green scent to it rather than the powdery jasmine I'm used to smelling. What is supposed to be grapefruit smells like citrus but I wouldn't pin point it as grapefruit.

The pikake and citrus melt into the skin and you're left with an incredibly sweet fruity fragrance. While I think it would be nice worn in spring. I personally would reserve it more as a summer fragrance. I think of this more as a daytime fragrance unless you are going to a casual evening outdoor concert or fair.

I don't own any Ebba fragrances in my collection but this certainly won't be among the first I purchase. While it's a nice fragrance, it's just not my type of fragrance. If you want it in your collection however it can be purchased on the Ebba website, Luckyscent or Beautyhabit for $58/.5oz

I love Miss Danielle - but oddly, I didn't find it any different from Scentsational's straight pikake oil.

Miss Marisa is my favorite in the line - have you tried that one?
Another vote for Miss Marisa, and I want to try the new version, Marisa Nuit or something?
I like the Ebbas, though I'm one of those white floral haters you reference ;) Miss Danielle is nice, but like all things pikake, smells exactly like Child and all the Child-alikes out there to my nose. My favorite is Miss Fabienne, which is a nice summery starfruit-heliotrope blend.
Do you know that Miss Marisa is probably the only one I don't like. It was mint overload! I should try it again this summer and see if I change my mind.
I didn't find there was a huge difference in the Miss Marisa Nuit blend vs the original. Maybe I'm crazy (probably). Must resniff!
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