Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Montale Sweet Oriental Dream

Montale Sweet Oriental Dream Posted by Hello

Today's fragrance is Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream. I was able to test this one thanks to Maximina! I am in LOVE with this fragrance! It's gorgeous! This fragrance is described as: An oriental woody chypre perfume based around Eastern roses, sandalwood from Mysore, spices from Sri Lanka, on a sensual base of musk and benzoin.

I however smell honey in this, it reminds of they honey scent in Ginestet's Botrytis but the spices really take hold of the sweetness of this fragrance. I applied very little and this fragrance has lasted all day and through frequent hand washings!

I think this fragrance could easily be worn year round and would be suitable from day to night. I just love this one! Available at FIRST IN FRAGRANCE for $105.99 (As of 3/29/05)/3.3 oz.

Everyone loves SOD but me! I must be missing something, perhaps I need to try it again.
It's gorgeous! I understand why everyone loves it!
Sounds good, but the name is, like, the cheesiest thing since cheese. It's the kind of thing you would see printed in some Engrish thing out of Japan, maybe on a box of graham crackers.
Well, maybe "Sweet and Dream Oriental", or even "Dreaming Sweet Orientals", but "Sweet Oriental Dream" sounds more like a name for a Chinatown bakery next to "Good Food" supermarket and "Lucky Taste" restaurant. :-) Peace.
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