Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Old Lady Smell

Maria Olivia da Silva is believed to be the oldest woman in the world, she recently celebrated her 125th birthday and I wonder if she would be offended if someone told her she smelled like an old lady?

I always wonder the specific age of these people who throw around the term "old lady." What constitutes an old lady to them? If I were to go to my former elementary school tomorrow, the kids there would probably think that I'm an old lady compared to them! What if I went to a nursing home instead? I certainly couldn't be considered an old lady there or can I?

And what exactly does an old lady smell like? My attitude is a lot like my Grandmother's was when it comes to fragrances. My Grandmother owned many, many bottles in her lifetime and one of the fragrances that she wore in heavy rotation before she passed away was Happy by Clinique. I'm sure those who wear Happy wouldn't like to hear that listed among old lady fragrances!

I think the people who throw around the term "old lady" don't realize that they themselves will one day be referred to as an old lady!

Very sensitively expressed dear S. I agree and I think that age is not respected in the west - in India we respect wisdom and age (I know that they may not always work together). The stress on youth is what makes the culture the way it is. My 10 euro cents.

So well-put, S! We should all be so lucky as to become old ladies one day. I was especially touched to read your reference to Happy -- my own dear grandma loved this scent very late in her life. (I'm HMW on MUA). -- G.
It's a shame that people don't realize while they are young that by insulting those older than themselves, the are really insulting future versions of themselves!
I think people continue to use many hurtful terms because they like to perpetuate the hurt onto themselves and even their offspring just to complete the cycle. I used to think all people strived to be happy and make a better world but not so--I now feel that some people are just negative. That's why we need more positive people to say loud and clear that there are different ways of believeing and living. OMBLIGO!
In case I didn't make sense above...I was just trying to say that I think some people feel negative and powerless about becoming an old lady one day and they might keep using the term "old lady" to remind all of us including themselves of that fact.
I agree Sali! It's more fear driven than anything else! And you know what Yoda says: "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering!
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