Saturday, March 12, 2005


Passage d'Enfer

Passage d'Enfer Posted by Hello

I can't believe I had never smelled this one before, I'm not loving it! I am really feeling this fragrance! The notes in Passage d'Enfer are: Frankincense, Myrrh, and White Lily with bottom notes of Alone and White Musk.

I applied Crabtree & Evelyn's Vanilla lotion again this morning and that compliments it beautifully! I believe that this is the first white lily fragrance I've sampled. The fragrance smells of very strong alcohol at first and then opens up to the lily and alone with a strong yet subtle frankincense and myrrh that seems to get stronger as time goes on. The musk is light, fresh and beautiful in this one.

I think this would be a great fragrance from day to night during autumn and winter months if worn lightly but I'd prefer to wear this as an evening fragrance because it is incredibly haunting and unforgettable!

Passage d'Enfer is by L'artisan and can be found at major department stores nationwide or online at luckyscent or LusciousCargo for $75/1.7 oz. or $95/3.4 oz.

Adore Passage d'Enfer - one of my fav L'Artisan perfumes.

It really is beautiful! I just wish it had longer staying power!
who is the nose who creted this? i cannot find any information...

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