Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Perfect Love: The review

Today's fragrance choice is Perfect Love EdP by Creative Scentualization. This is the first Creative Scentualization fragrance I've tried. When I first applied it to my skin there was a sort of familiarity to this fragrance. It smells like something I've smelled before, but I can't remember what!

The notes in this one are:

top: Mandarin orange, bergamot
heart: Moroccan red rose absolute, honeysuckle, pikake
base: amber, vanilla, musk, patchouli, sandalwood

The citrus blends right into the rose and I can smell a little bit of light honeysuckle. I really don't know what pikake is supposed to smell by it's own but I don't detect any jasmine in this. The amber is light in this one as it's overpowered by the patchouli and musk.

If you don't like patchouli - odds are you won't like this one much. I seems to be the heaviest note at first but once drying down it falls in the backround. I think this would be more suitable for autumn or winter and unless worn with a light hand, I'd only wear this at night. I must add that this sample seems to have a lot more parfum than other EdP's I've tried and it really clung to my skin. This is certainly one I'd like to try again in colder weather but I feel it's too heavy for this time of year.

It retails for $80/1 oz. and can be purchased through Luckyscent or $56/.5 oz through Beautyhabit or of course through Creative Scentualization.

Update: After this has been on my skin for about half an hour now I feel that this would be lovely as an evening fragrance year round and could easily be a day to night fragrance with a light hand of course. I didn't warm to this one at first but having given it some time it's winning me over a bit.

This is a great review! I have tried a sample but now I need to try it again.

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