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Pink Manhattan Purrfume

Pink Manhattan Purrfume

In the past couple of seasons there have been fragrances that have been released in collaboration with singers. Beyonce with True Star, Brittney Spears with Curious and JMu with Glow, Still, Glow Miami and her unreleased Fluide. For the most part you wonder how much input these singers actually had in the making of these fragrances.

This is not the case with Pink Manhattan Purrfume. You see the singer involved in this collaboration is Sali Oguri who is a New York-based singer-songwriter, electronic musician and perfumer and she created Pink Manhattan: Sensorium of Song and Scent, Act I (Petit-CD) and Act II (PURRFUME).

Those on the board probably know this singer best as her MUA name Songscent. Pink Manhattan PURRFUME is a trip into ambient pink hues. Fresh peach, pink hibiscus, gardenia and French vanilla lift off with sensual skin musk, the beat that leads to rapture.

As soon as I applied the fragrance a mixture of peach, gardenia and French vanilla are the most apparent notes. I love the smell of peach which is the main reason why I bought both Floret and Maybe Baby. To my nose, the peach in Floret smells more like canned peach juice and the Maybe Maybe has more of an apricot fragrance to it than peach. So, I'm very excited that this has a predominate peach note.

The French vanilla reminds me of French vanilla ice cream. Take note though that it's not as foody as LMDLV or CDP fragrances because the gardenia and hibiscus take enough precedence in this fragrance. The gardenia and hibiscus smell very true in this fragrance and this would be perfect to wear as an all day fragrance during spring and summer. The musk is very pale in this fragrance and I'm having a hard finding it.

Because the oil is very concentrated in this fragrance, this would be perfect to wear out in the sun. The reason that they advise people to wear fragrances with little to no alcohol content while out in the sun is because the alcohol can cause hyperpigmentation in the skin.

My color for spring is pink and my goal for this spring is to hop into health so this was a perfect choice for the perfect scent for the first day of spring. This spring, Sali has some very important changes in store for her as well. They say that it isn't the things you've done that you most regret, it's the things that you've never done. Most people in this world are never given a chance to have taken any steps to make their dreams come true. This can't be said about Sali, this is her season of change for so many reasons but instead of seeing it as adversity, she's seeing this as an opportunity.

Let this be your pink season as well, make this the season your own change for the better! If there is something you've been putting off, do something about it! ¡OMBLIGO!

Pink Manhattan Purrfume retails for $40/0.15 oz. and samples are $3 plus shipping. Pink Manhattan Petit-CD retails for $6.98. Details can be found at http://www.salioguri.com/ or page Songscent at MUA.

Update: Sali is offering the following special discount for MUA members who visit ¡OMBLIGO! Your choice of either: $10 off a full size perfume, free shipping for a sample (short vial, full) or a free sample included with the purchase of $6.98 CD. Shipping will be calculated based on destination. Please contact Sali through either MUA or her site, just mention ¡OMBLIGO! and Sali will hook you up. Sali thanks everyone for taking time to read about her life project!

Wow thanks again dear S! Got to get my act together and get hold of these fragrances.

Have a great week!
(((Sand))) Thank you. I couldn't have dreamed of a writeup this AMAZING. Could I share w/ you what kind of a person Sand is? She always made me feel welcome on board by having sweet things to say, and I thought she was a card, too--she's got a great sense of humor. So anyway, she sent me a mixed CD including songs that a friend of hers (drummer) had recorded with a band, and that's how we got to talking about music. When I told her I was a musician, she was very encouraging and gave me the best feedback when she got my promo CD. From there, she went way beyond any call of duty by helping me put up the song clip in my MUA notepad now, and she even hooked up a Yahoo listening booth just for me. This is why Sand is COOL and why she's going to be mentioned in Special Thanks on the next 1000 copies of my CD. Sand is my cyber perfangel and I am so grateful to have met her! OMBLIGO! And thanks to people like her who spread LOVE and LIFE. --Sali
I am so impressed by your voice Sali. Sand is a wonderful person and such a caring friend.

Hugs to both of you!
Thanks, Parislondres, and so nice to meet you. ;-D Sand ROCKS.
Hey Sali - do you know who I am?
Pls do not mention that terrible MUA name I use here.

Umm...nope. I hadn't even thought that you were on MUA. ;-D
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