Thursday, March 31, 2005


The Problem With Society.

The Problem With Society

I think the problem with society is that nobody wants to admit anything. Take for instance the movie Super Size Me. I've yet to see it because I'm a fast food junkie! I love fast food and I don't care who knows it! "Eww, you like *gulp* fast food?" That's so gross! Yeah, well so are fish eyes! Over a billion served at McDonald's, so I know I'm not the only one! Maybe fast food restaurants should sell special costumes so that people who want to eat fast food but are afraid of being labeled can order in peace!

I didn't want to get on the treadmill yesterday and then I gave myself a reality check and stepped on the scale - that'll do it! Everyone always wants to be on top of the next hot thing in exercise so I was thinking about skipping this morning. I love to skip, it's faster than walking and slower than running. So I think I'm all hot and want to start a skipping revolution. Well, it's already been done! Iskip is a club of people who like to skip, and which organizes skips to benefit charities. Ah, but they haven't tapped into the workout video market yet! *Calls publicist*

Mmmm, fish eyes. My mother likes to take the fish heads out of the soup and suck the eyes out. I saw this at the table throughout my childhood. And look what became of me.
Eww! I bet we'll never see a documentary on how bad fish eyes are for your health!
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