Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Us Weekly

UsWeekly Posted by Hello

I hate that it takes forever to get Us Weekly out here, it finally came yesterday but I just got a chance to read it.

Alicia Keys is a fellow former NKOTB fan! "I has a New Kids [on the Block] washcloth that, when submerged in hot water, turned different colors" On embarrassing childhood possessions.

I never had, nor heard of that washcloth! Now I'm sad, I could have spent my formative middle school years with Jordan in the shower with me!

There are some scary looking pictures of what may/or may not be Brad Pitt in Greece last summer. Those pictures remind me of the caveman commercials for Geico.

There is a spread on Academy Award nominees school pictures, all of them look nice except Jamie Foxxes. He had a geri-curl look back in high school. It reminds me of the Soul Glow commercial in Coming to America! "Oh that's so hot!"

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