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WW stands for Wonder Woman, WW also stands for WeightWatchers! I love Wonder Woman, I hate Weight Watchers! Today makes a week that I've been on WW, so I had to weigh in this morning. I logged in my weight this is the message I got: CONGRATULATIONS! You've reached your first 5 pound milestone! Your weight loss is off to a great start! In the meantime, here's a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt to keep you inspired: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Keep up the great work this week! They also took away a point from my daily points!

I was on the treadmill every day for an hour, ate salads like they were going out of style and instead of being rewarded with cake, they punish me by giving me one less point a day! Seven less points this week! For that I can have a whole serving of Pocky (5 points) and one box of Botan rice candy (2 points)! What the hell? A quote and one less point! Is that supposed to be motivation?

It just makes me angry and fills me up with rage! Ok, so I lost some weight, but what did I gain? Well I now know 3 oz. of beef brisket is NOT worth 9 points! Goodbye beef brisket! 1/2 a cup of rice is 2 points! No thank you, goodbye rice - I never really liked you anyway! A cup of skim milk is 2 points - not worth it unless you're eating Oreos!

Good eating habits I've learned so far are: spinach doesn't have be drowned in dressing to taste good, only about 2 tablespoons per 5 cups of spinach is fine! Strawberries taste good mixed with bananas, I'm not missing the shortcake...too much! Lean cuisine meals are more filling if I actually drink my water with my meal instead of scarfing down the meal first.

Since I signed up for three months, I guess I have to keep this up with one less point for this week! Will it kill me? I kinda think it will ever since I found out that 3 cups of air popped popcorn is only worth one point!

Oh dear S - well done! I am hopeless at diets but love the quote from E. Roosevelt - such a wise woman.

You can do it, Sand! I'm right behind you. God, I hate when it gets hard like that. Some days it's livable, and some days I think I might die from inhalation of the entire kitchen, including cabinetry.
Many, many thanks to the two of you! You can't imagine how much I'm relying on the willpower of others to get me through this! I am truly inspired by all you ladies!
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