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Clinique Happy Heart

Clinique Happy Heart
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I had never tried this before and got this as an extra in a swap. So upon deciding to wear something that I hadn't tried before I settled on this one.

Clinique describes this on their site as: Clinique Happy Heart. A wealth of flowers. A hint of warmth. A deepening of emotions. With a heart of water hyacinth, brightened with Mandarin and blond woods. Wear it and have a happy heart.

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Cucumber, "mountain air" note, mandarin.

Middle: Water hyacinth, yellow primrose.

Bottom: Blond woods, sandalwood

It opens up with lovely cucumber and mandarin which last for mere seconds. All of the sudden, you are sucker punched with an incredibly heavy and fierce water hyacinth. As you go in and out of consciousness, it's still in your face threatening you while spitting in your face! You feel like it's never going to end and it doesn't until an innocent bystander feels pity on you and calls the police. You smell the water hyacinth being carried away. Sadly, bruised and battered you are still covered in the silage of the beating that was water hyacinth.

This is way too much for me, something reminds me of Resort by Etro which I bought and will have to test again as I hated that one over time.

Looks like I can't have a happy heart but you can! Clinique Happy Heart retails for $37.50/1.7 oz. or $49.50/3.4oz and is found wherever Clinique is sold.

I'm happy there are choices but I'll probably stick with the first one. I happen to be a fan of the original Happy. I tried Happy-To-Be recently and it turned into something strangely powdery yet aqueous on me.
i loved this review! sucker punched with water hyacinth! great! --mireille
This was one that I didn't like at all. I even tested it later that evening and washed it off soon after.
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