Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Eau Dynamisante

Eau Dynamisante

I wanted something citrusy but with a bit of spice and pulled out the miniature bottle of Eau Dynamisante that Barbatia sent me. Clarins describes Eau Dynamisante on their site as:

Great fragrance. Great feeling.
Eau Dynamisante is truly unique - it is the very first body fragrance with skin care benefits. It reunites the fragrant and treatment actions of plant extracts to hydrate, soften and "energize" the entire body. For him, for her, in any season all year round, Eau Dynamisante is an irresistible wave of freshness and vitality.

Beauty Benefits :
- Delicately fragrances and promotes a wonderful feeling of freshness, vitality and well-being.
- Firms, tones and revitalizes surface skin.
- Moisturizes and softens.

Ingredients :
- Aloe (Alleviates,Moisturises)
- Caraway (Alleviates,Softens)
- Cardamom (Tones)
- Eleurhero Ginseng (Anti-fatigue,Tones)
- Ginseng (Anti-free radical,Restructures,Stimulates,Tones)
- Lemon (Moisturises,Purifies,Tones)
- Orange (Anti-free radical,Calms,Softens)
- Patchouly (Revitalises,Tones)
- Rosemary (Moisturises,Regenerates)
- Thyme (Refreshes,Stimulates,Tones)
- Zinzimber (Stimulates)

Method of Use :
Apply all over the body in the morning, after exercise or at any time of the day. The invigorating fragrance revives and refreshes. The non-photosensitizing formula means it can be worn safely in the sun.

Clarins Innovation
All of the essential oils that contribute to Eau Dynamisante's fragrance have been proven to have effective treatment benefits on the skin. For added skin care benefits, Clarins included non-fragrant plant extracts such as Aloe, Ginseng and Harpagophytum to Eau Dynamisante's truly unique formula.

There is a scene in Décalage horaire "Jet Lag" to those of us who ne parle pas Français where Juliette Binoche pours this on herself and then Jean Reno rushes in the room searching for her before they give in to a night of passion.

While Jean Reno is not knocking at my door or searching for me, this is still a beautiful fragrance! It's a wonderful mixture of citrus with herbs, very fresh and clean but at the same time a bit sexy. This is the type of fragrance you'd expect to wear after a long day at the spa. It starts off quite bold but slowly fades into your skin, so this is one that would require re-application. It's perfect for spring or summer that can be worn from early morning deep into the night. This is one I wouldn't hesitate to purchase!

It retails for $44/3.4 oz and can be purchased anywhere Clarins is sold.

Eau Dynamisante is a classic for IF and when I exercise (these days too infrequently) - I love it and have used this for years (over 12 years for sure - yikes I am getting "older"). I currently have a travel size.
I always forget about this one - a true under-rated beauty imo.
Thank you lovely S for making me want to reach for my bottle!

PS the film Decalage Horaire is really good. A must see for Reno and Binoche fans. I have seen this film several times(as they show this frequently on cable here).
Both great actors - love them. :)
Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno are two of my favorite actors in the world, I just loved that movie!
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