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Fleur Des Comores

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I was introduced to Fleur Des Comores when I placed the Nanadebary order last year through Beautyhabit. They sent me a sample vial and I fell in love!

The notes in Fleur Des Comores according to Aedes are:

Top: Blackcurrant, passionfruit, leafy green.

Middle: Vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine

Base: Ambegris, vetiver, musk.

I however found a few descriptions online that included red fruits as well.

I don't like the initial spray, there is something that is almost headache inducing but that soon passes. Then it has a sort of berry like scent, not fresh berries but more like a mixture of strawberry/raspberry jam that isn't overly sweet. More fruity than floral and while the vanilla cloaks the fragrance.

I've found that L'artisan's Vanille has a similar vanilla feel without the fruity/floralness. So if you like the vanilla in here but are turned off by the fruity/floral that is Fleur Des Comores please try L'artisan's Vanille!

I have worn this in both winter and spring and can say it is a beautiful scent in either colder or warmer weather! It's an all day fragrance and garners a lot of complements!

It retails for $105.00/3.3 oz which is a bargain as a little goes a long way and this fragrance lasts all day and is sold at Aedes, Beautyhabit and Lusciouscargo.

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