Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I won...tampons!

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I checked for mail today and I won a prize from Teen Vogue! I won a black makeup bag that had a small box of Tampax Compak tampons inside.

I've received tampon samples in the mail before but this was the first time that I won some!

I would have rather won this plush tampon instead! You can buy that and many more adorable handmade items at My paper Crane. It sells for $10.00 for an 8" doll!

Ack and the cupcakes are back on the site! *swoon* I love cupcakes!

I also love the Fortune Cookie Dolls on there! I had Chinese food yesterday, Hunan Chicken for those that are interested. And my fortune cookie said: The Chinese ancient civilization attracts you.

What kind of fortune is that? Plus that's a total lie! At least the fortune cookie was good. I collect fortune cookie slips and that was the worst one I've ever received!

You are such a treasure, Sand!

Talking about tampons and fortune cookies in the same post!

Love that humour!
I just laughed so hard reading this. Lucky you, you won the tampon lottery! And the stuffed tampon doll makes me wince and chuckle. You have a wonderfully warped sense of humor. And to think I complained about the time I won paper napkins from Wild Oats, because I thought it was such an odd giveaway - I wanted the Prius car! And all I got were napkins.
I adore the stuffed tampon doll! I've won a box of Cheer before, a bottle of Kikkoman sauce and a bag of Jack Link's beef jerkey. There are some crazy prizes out there!
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