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Iris Poudre

Iris Poudre
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I nearly passed out when I went to the mailbox and found a package that contained Frederic Malle miniature bottles. This was my second attempt at the famous survey and the first time I was recommended Le Parfum de Thérèse , Noir Epices and Une rose but I received the dreaded cards. This time, I was recommended Iris Poudre and Une Rose and finally got the famous miniature sprays.

Iris Poudre is described on the Frederic Malle site as: Iris expresses raw classical beauty. Tonka bean, musk and vanilla bring softness and warmth, while the base of sandalwood and vetiver adds a melodious resonance. If Pierre Bourdon's Iris Poudre were a garment, it would be a cashmere sweater - classic but personal, appropriate for most occasions, something one never tires of. It is a grand floral aldehydic.

The Barney's website describes it as: A contemporary floral aldehydic of bergamot, rosewood, ylang ylang, iris and ebony.

This is a heavy aldehydic fragrance at first, I happen to appreciate aldehydes and am really digging this fragrance.

There is something very vintage to this fragrance and a familiarity of something my Grandmother once wore. Unfortunately, my Grandmother was also a "Frag Hag" and had a collection that rivals my own.

The ylang ylang heavy at first, softens and seems to bring on a hint of jasmine along with other florals I can't quite place but I can smell their presence.

The woods then make their appearance but they aren't heavy at this party of powder, the are left in the corner to talk amongst themselves.

Memories of my Grandmother surround this fragrance and this is one I would reserve for certain occasions.

This is not one that I could wear all day, it's far too much for me but I think it would be the best accessory as a year round evening fragrance for a formal event.

It retails for $160/3.4oz and is found at Barney's

wow, who knew on that Barney's list of notes for Iris Poudre. So interesting! So many more than on the FM site. And refreshing to read about somebody who likes her aldehydes and ain't afraid to admit it! go girl! -mireille
Tiphaine! She came through for you! I'm afraid of Iris Poudre. Especially now that you said aldehydes. *flees*
Aldehydes! Aldehydes! Aldehydes!
It smells really pretty but even for someone who likes aldehydes, this is a bit too much. If you have any sort of minor dislike for aldehydes, this is not a fragrance you'd like!
I agree with your comment about Iris Poudre being too much for an all-day long fragrance. There's something overwhelming about this pretty scent that puts me off after a few hours. --IrisLA
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