Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Les Epices de la Passion - Poivre Piquant

Les Epices de la Passion
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Today I'm testing Poivre Piquant. One-third of the limited edition Les Epices de la Passion. It is described on Aedes as a prickly pepper honey blend. The notes from what I've read include Licorice, milk, honey and white pepper.

I love peppery fragrances and am mixed on gourmand ones. There are times when the two combine into an incredible sensational mix and other times where it's less than flat! This starts off incredibly peppery and then finishes off sweet. It's nice, but nothing extraordinary. I had higher expectations for it.

I think it would be a beautiful year round evening fragrance on nights when you have a take-out and a DVD kind of night.

Les Epices de la Passion set is sold at Aedes retails for $75/For three 0.5oz bottles.

*gasp* I have a fierce want for this set! This one sounds nice and Safran Troublant is my new best friend but it's the red one that sounds very hairy and scary.
Let me know what you think of the Saffron Troublant. One of my absolute favorite fragrances.

I think the red one would be my favorite as I love DSH Piment et Chocolat! I bought a bottle of that one last Holiday season and just adore it!
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