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Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar
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We hear lies all the time, even our leaders lie to us. "There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq", "Read my lips, no new taxes," "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." So, I think we've become desensitized to when we hear yet another lie.

Jennifer Wilbanks went missing from Duluth, GA earlier this week while she was jogging. She was set to be married later tonight.

Late last night she called the authorities in Albuquerque, NM and told them an elaborate story that she had been kidnapped while jogging in Duluth and was transported to Albuquerque by a man and a woman.

I watched the story unfold early this morning on the news channels. Greta Van Sustern of Fox News even interviewed her family and the wedding party in person.

All week there was always the possibility that she could have gotten cold feet at her impending marriage but all her friends and family members denied that this could ever be the case.

After all, she was scheduled to have a huge wedding with six hundred guests in attendance, fourteen bridesmaids and groomsmen. Eight bridal showers had been held in her honor.

Hundreds of volunteers and more than a hundred officers spent the week searching for her. Her fiancé was the main suspect in her disappearance and was facing possible criminal charges.

She couldn't have mentioned it to her fiancé, her family, one of the twenty-eight members of the wedding party or the six hundred guests that she wasn't sure she wanted to go through with this wedding.

"I'm having second thoughts!" That's it, that's all she had to say! Weddings don't happen all the time for a multitude of reasons!

I hope that the shame and guilt she feels is worse than any criminal charges that she should be charged with.

OMG, it really is sickening, isn't it? Seriously. I understand how these things spin out of control - my God, I was terrified to get married and it DOES feel like suddenly, your world is not your own and you are on this runaway train of tulle.

I get being freaked about calling it off, with SIX HUNDRED GUESTS and all. But to fake an abduction? Um, she needs some professional help.
It's just awful what she put everyone through and all she had to do was mention it to one person that she was having second thoughts instead of dragging everyone through this fiasco!

It was a shame how both his and her family members were being interviewed by Greta this morning and they kept saying that they knew that she didn't get cold feet. Her parents and stepfather, her fiancé and his parents had all planned to travel to Albuquerque until the news broke that she had lied.

The only people who went to pick her up were her Stepfather and an Uncle.

I can understand the stress, one of my best friends years ago was going through the process of planning a big hulabaloo wedding and then out of the blue decided to elope. I think people were a bit angry and disappointed at the time but it worked out fine in the end.

It's not even a temporary moment of insanity, she knew what she was doing by cutting her hair and making up a story about being abducted.
When I read about women who fake their abductions (there was a college woman last year), I cannot help but wonder if some types of mental illness may come into play, such as bi-polar disorder, depression or schizophrenia. More than 2 million people suffer from these dibiliating conditions, and when you see someone go to these extremes, it is a possibility. I hope if this is the case that treatment and medication are sought for her.
Hi B,

I considered the fact that mental illness could play in her disappearance , but as her story unfolded even more - I think she let her lie get out of control.

They were mentioning on the news that she bought the bus ticket days in advance!

I also thought of pregnant women who are in denial that they are pregnant and hide their pregnancies.

This was the case of an extended family member of mine who hid her pregnancy until late in her seventh month.
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