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Murmure Posted by Hello

The Van Cleef & Arpels website describes Murmure as poetry in life. Modern as a bouquet of white flower. Simple yet sophisticated, it is the fragrance of natural grace. A range of poetry and tenderness evocations, for an emotion both delicate and strong. I imagine the answers to these questions are answered by Mango on Saturday Night Live.

What if it were a light?
The first sunbeams in a garden after the rain.

What if it were an object?
A contemporary sculpture, unique and precious.

What if it were music?
The voice of a loved one.

The notes in Murmure are:

Luminous, crystal-clear essences
White Rose

A modern bouquet of white flowers, noble and pure
Jamine sambac
Orange blossom
Cassie flower

A harmony of vibrant and sensual woods
Brazilian rosewood
Cedar wood
Vanilla infusion

I get a lot of compliments when I wear this one. I've even gotten "Oh, you smell so expensive." This smells very fresh and clean to me, three sprays and I'm done. I get a lot of freesia in this more than anything. If you like white flowers but don't want an "in your face" type of fragrance this is probably what you're looking for.

I love this as a daytime fragrance during warmer months. Neiman Marcus used to carry this online but only have the body lotion and shower gel. I purchased this at Marshalls for $14.99/1.7 oz.

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