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Oh My Dog!

Oh My Dog!
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I'm wearing POTL EdT today which is perfect for a spring day. I dabbed on POTL parfum last night and found it to be too much for this time of year but somehow the EdT seems just right. It's like the parfum gone light but since I've already talked about that one I decided to instead talk about the other fragrance that's on me.

Oh My Dog! Hope went to the "Beauty Salon" yesterday, she came back full of the Hollywood gossip the other "bitches" were talking about. It seems that Paris Hilton's chihuahua has been seen around a few too many fire hydrants - if you know what I mean.

Anyhow since she's Little Ms. Priss I had to apply her favorite fragrance Oh My Dog!

Oh My Dog is described on the website as: Outstanding perfume-maker, Bernard Ellena of the Dragoco Company, composed Oh My Dog! with fond talent. He painstakingly chose each ingredient, in order to make these furtive moments of complicity between two- and four-legged beings last, and carefully avoided odors likely to disturb the animal's sense of smell.

The notes in Oh My Dog according to the website are:

As the head note, like his pink, turned back ear that his master flips right side out, the freshness of Rose Wood and the happy yapping of Orange leaves.

As heart notes, a desire to frisk about...
A water-floral effect to reinforce the innocent and clean aspect. And to flatter his natural gourmandise (and ours) a marriage of Osmanthus and Freesia, which invites serious tickling.

As base notes, the cuddle...
Bright notes "wrapped" in vanilla that breathes tenderness.

It can't be sprayed directly on the fur, it's suggested to spray your hands and apply to the dog's back and sides. I also wiped a little on Hope's scarf (it's got little frogs on it).

It leaves behind a sort of aquatic citrusy vanilla fragrance which smells very clean. I wouldn't mind wearing this one out at all, it's really nice and is also suitable for human use! Hope has mild allergies but has never been bothered by this fragrance as I only apply very little.

It retails for under $30 all over the web but I purchased this for Hope as a Christmas gift at Marshalls for $8.99 I believe.

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