Saturday, April 02, 2005


Queen of the treadmill.

Queen of the treadmill

I hate exercising! My Doctor always tells me "Sandra, you have to limit this, this and that! But there are NO limitations on exercise" and then he laughs!

It's not funny, I hate it when he says that and I hate it even more when he laughs! Ever since I started Weight Watchers I've been getting on the treadmill on a regular basis and I'm getting more confident and not really paying attention to what I'm doing.

So, I'm watching television while on the treadmill and start thinking about the problems we face as a society and then all of the sudden my world is moving in slow motion, my life flashes before my eyes as I'm falling off the treadmill!

Only because of my quick witt and killer thighs am I alive today! I was able to do a quick pas de barre and side step my legs back on the treadmill a move that Jackie Chan himself would have had a hard time performing!

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