Thursday, April 28, 2005


Sa Majesté La Rose

Sa Majesté La Rose
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I wore YSL Paris all day, got lazy and didn't exercise until late this evening. I just got off the treadmill and I'm exhausted, my feet are killing me.

I took some aspirin, then a long hot shower put on my some cozy pajamas and sprayed on Serge Lutens' Sa Majesté La Rose because of Micki's wonderful review on her blog.

The notes in this fragrance are: white rose, chamomile, lychee, geranium, Moroccan rose, gaiac wood, clove, white honey and vanilla.

As soon as I sprayed it, the rose was incredibly evident. This is an incredibly bold rose and I feel like I'm a little girl playing hide and go seek in a small garden of roses. These are roses that are are going to spend their entire lives stuck on the bush, they aren't going anywhere. The chamomile appears at first but it leaves right away and I'm wondering where it hid.

I can smell something incredibly fruity, which must be the lychee. In fact, I think the lychee overtakes the rose. Maybe my senses are heightened right now but it seems fruitier than I expected.

I smell no geranium here, I also get no clove, wood, honey or vanilla. It's primarily lychee and the only one coming to his party are his friends the roses. I had higher expectations on this fragrance, I adore rose fragrances and this won't be one that's going to be in my collection.

Maybe I should test this as the weather warms even more. It might be even better in the dead heat of summer but something in my heart tells me that this is not the fragrance for me. I know it would be a wonderful daytime fragrance during warm months.

It retails for $89/1.7 oz and can be purchased at Aedes.

NICE review ... good counterpoint to my experience of it! and good for you getting on the treadmill anyway. you're an inspiration, S.
Great review, Sand!

This is one SL I have not tried, but your reivew, coupled with the idea of sweating up a storm on the tredmill make it sound appetizing!
I love Sa Majeste! I agree it's supersweet,though. It reminds me of JM Red Roses only...sweeter, if you can believe it.

I never thought I'd say this, but sometimes I wish the SLs were less...strong. *cringes*
I was really fond of that one. But rather than going all SuperRose on me, it was incredibly mild: super soft, pale, like a little pink rosebud. Maybe I frightened it? I liked it anyway. Lychee, eh? I like lychees! But they sort of taste like soap would taste like if soap tasted good like it smells instead of toxically disgusting.
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