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Samsara Shine

Samsara Shine Posted by Hello

I had planned on wearing Samsara Shine before Thalia hijacked my fragrance. I'm not really surprised that she did this as she has it in for me because I blamed her for all the problems in the world. I decided to stop this practice on her birthday as I was feeling quite remorseful at the time. She has once again proven why I should revert back to blaming her! Anyhow, onto the fragrance!

The notes in Samsara Shine are:

Top: Hesperides, Fig sap
Middle: Red berries, pomegranate, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang
Bottom: Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

When I first applied it to my skin I got the exact same sandalwood note that I did in the original Samsara but that was also take over by the vanilla and tonka bean. I thought for a few minutes I was wearing the exact same fragrance as yesterday!

As soon as I was about to write off this fragrance I then start to smell the fruity notes that aren't found in the original, I can smell the fig and pomegranate in here that mix beautifully with the vanilla and tonka bean. I am loving this version even more than the original one as I feel this one has a lot more depth. I found that the original left a much sweeter scent to the skin making it a bit ordinary.

This fragrance could easily be overapplied (the same as the original) but worn with a light hand, I believe this could easily be worn year round as a morning to evening fragrance.

As it's discontinued, you might find it at stores where Guerlain is sold and it retailed for $70/2.5 oz. However, you can find this at most online fragrance discount stores for about $30.

Yes, Samsara and Samsara Shine are similar to me, too. I've heard many people say they are completely different scents but to me Shine is a variation of the Samsara theme that makes sense.
I loved that this had the fig and pomegranate notes which really made it nicer in my opinion. I think it made it much more unique.
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