Friday, April 15, 2005


Susanne Lang Sandalwood

Susanne Lang Sandalwood Posted by Hello

I woke up late feeling just awful and didn't apply any fragrance until this evening. I wanted to test something new, that seemed light but at the same time woodsy. I settled on wearing Susanne Lang's Sandalwood Eau de Parfum, one I've never tried before. I've tested other fragrances in the Susanne Lang line before but haven't been impressed by any of them.

The Susanne Lang website describes this as:

Days on the train now. Stopped by a river bank. I lay my cheek on the sill of the open window, so tired. The pungent scent of rich, fertile soil. A family sitting across from me. The little girl comes over, a shy smile, and dabs my wrists and neck with oil from a small vial around her neck. The rich fragrance of sandalwood. Perfect.

Imagine this for instance, you're in the shower while enjoying this new sandalwood bath gel, splashing around, pretending you're on American Idol singing "Bootylicious" then all of the sudden you start smelling something stank. You realize that something else is in the bathroom with you! You peek to see who's there and see it's the maintenance man who reeks of some gross dirty anamalistic musk. You scream, he runs out and you finish your sandalwood bath gel shower.

That's what Susanne Lang's Sandalwood is on me, sandalwood bath gel with a hint of gross, dirty musk (which lasts only a few seconds) and then back to the sandalwood bath gel.

I think this would be nice worn as a year round, all day fragrance. It's one that could easily be unisex, but it's not one for me. While I love sandalwood, this isn't unique enough to capture my heart or wallet.

It retails for $50/1 oz. and is sold at La Creme Beauty an Luckyscent.

Ha ha ha! Maintenance-man interrupted bootylicious shower!
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