Thursday, April 28, 2005


What could have been.

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My sister and I often talk about who our Hollywood best friends would be and Katie Holmes had been in contention for the title.

Then I found out the horrible news - Tom Cruise! *gags* What is the appeal?

A man who tried to deny being married to Nicole Kidman for ten years, he said it was 9.5 so he wouldn't have to pay more as for the pre-nuptial agreement!

And without him, she won an Oscar!

Penelope Cruz! ¿Porqué? ¿Porqué? ¿Porqué?

You never needed to be his accessory - you've got your own career to stand on.

And without him she won a David (Italian "Oscar") and a Goya (Spanish "Oscar")

The age doesn't bother me as Mr. Henry Rollins was fifteen when I was born. It's the choice of the man - or in this case lack there of.

Updated to include the conversation I jus had with my sister:

Me: "Dude, Did you hear who Katie Holmes is dating?"

Sar: "No, who?"

Me: "Do you want to guess?" (my sister loves to guess things)

Sar: "Dude, how'd you know? Ok, is he a young actor?"

Me: "No."

Sar: "Is he well known?"

Me: "Yes."

Sar: "Is he a musician?"

Me: "No."

Sar: "Is he an athlete?"

Me: "No, he is an actor."

Sar: "Is he an Academy Award winning actor?"

Me: "No."

Sar: "Is it Tom Cruise?"

Me: "Dude, how'd you know?"

Sar: "Are you serious??? Hey, I'm good at this game! I knew because he doesn't have an Academy Award!"

Me: "Loser!"

Sar: "Are you serious? Eww! How do you know? Dawson's Creek Katie Holmes? Are you sure?"

Me: "Totally dude, their publicists admitted it."

Sar: "Eww!"

Me: "Well, it's no wonder Chris Klein was driving drunk!"

Sar: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Wouldn't you be distraught to find out your ex was dating Tom Cruise!"

Sar: "Eww, gross!"

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