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With Love

With Love
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Guerlain's With Love is among my favorites this spring. I first purchased this last year through Sephora and it had no fragrance at all so back it went to Sephora. A few months later, I was at the local Guerlain counter and they sprayed it on a tissue for me and I just adored the fragrance and had been meaning to buy it and just never got around to it. I was lucky to swap for it earlier this year.

The notes in With Love are:

Top: mandarin blossom, pink peppercorn and quince.

Middle: wild lily; freesia and eglantine.

Base: white amber, musk, cedar and sandalwood.

This is a fruity floral fragrance but what sets it apart from all other fruity florals is the pink pepper. The spice really adds a lot of personality to this fragrance.

It opens up with very fresh and aquatic notes that take a back seat to the pink pepper. The flowers are evident, but very subtle at the same time. Then come the amber, like the rest of this fragrance is light along with the musk but the woods make a bolder appearance.

I fall in love with this fragrance the more I wear it. It's a great all day fragrance during warmer months because the fruitiness seems to really burt where with the heat where it seems stagnant with cooler weather.

It retailed for $50 when it was released as a limited edition in 2003 and can still be found for that price or less online.

I certainly hope Guerlain reconsiders this gem and makes it part of their regular line.

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