Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I was Cacao'd by Kathey! I'm sure she's snickering her ass off! Ha, ha very funny! She's an evil little minx but I still love her!

Cacao is the famous fragrance created by the world renowned perfumer Mandy Aftel. Mandy Aftel works with certified organic and wild-crafted essences.

Cacao is described on her site as:Possibly the world's most seductive form of chocolate, with jasmine and blood orange.

Beautyhabit describes Cacao as:

Lusciously sensual and sophisticated, Cacao is a hand crafted chocolate perfume for men and women. Ouroboros creates the base of Cacao by distilling the finest Scharffen Berger cocoa beans from Venezuela and Madagascar with exquisite Tahitian vanilla. The base is then blended with pure and natural essences of jasmine, blood orange and pink grapefruit. Cacao may be the world's most seductive form of chocolate.Made entirely with natural ingredients, in a limited edition, Cacao borrows its name from Theobroma (food of the Gods) Cacao, the botanical name for the tree, fruit, and seeds that are the source of all chocolate.

Those who have tried it before mentioned it smelling very natural of course, too natural. From what I had heard about this fragrance previously, it would be seductive to those who are attracted to *blushes* a certain fetish. Um, a certain scat fetish.

Needless to say, I was very afraid to open up the vial but I did and I ended up getting Cacao all over my right hand. There are some countries where you are supposed to be careful with which hand you offer a handshake with because a certain hand is used to cleanse oneself - so of course it would be more than appropriate that I would first wear Cacao on my hand!

It opens up right away to a jasmine scent which smelled really good for a few seconds then WHAMO! I was hit with the fragrant port a potty scent. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it was the opposite of being a very good fragrance. As it stayed on my skin longer it smelled a bit like tootsie rolls had been placed in the port a potty. After a while it started smelling a bit like chocolate coke was poured in the port a potty over the droppings of tootsie rolls.

I did not smell any citrus in here at all but it's possible it was tied up in the tootsie roll scent. When would this fragrance be most appropriate to wear? Um, I imagine if you are dressing as Mr. Hanky from South Park.

Cacao is sold on at Beautyhabit and retails for $140/.25 oz.

I was chatting with a stranger at The Perfume House in Portland last summer. She was trying to decide which Comptoir Sud Pacifique was the very best one between Vanille Coco and Vanille Banane. She took my friendliness for a passion for foody scents and started babbling about this new scent called Cacao that she was just dying to try. I was stumped and shell-shocked and baffled. You haven't heard of it because it's brand new, but just google Cacao and you'll find out all about it, she exclaimed. Uh, thanks, I'll be sure to do that, I replied uneasily. Was she having me on or had she really not heard the nasty rumors? I still wonder if I should have warned her, but I was too mortified to say anything about feces to a total stranger! What an unscrupulous hypocrite I am, but what would you have done?
I say, let the masses suffer! My friends don't even realize the power of my addiction. I think they are afraid to admit which fragrances they wear around me.

Then again, I don't think this could smell good on too many people. I was wondering who would wear this fragrance as I kept sniffing it and why! I think it's probably more a novelty item more than anything else - like 90210 perfume was to those who loved the show?
That is so hilarious, because that is EXACTLY what I smelled: Tootsie rolls in a Port-a-Potty. Weirdly, I think my review, which said as much, was deleted from MUA, because recently I looked at my reviews and it had vanished. I didn't think it was so much offensive as a valuable and accurate piece of advice, but the Man was trying to hide the truth about Cacao from the world. I'm glad you have broadcast the facts in your own forum so they can live again.
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