Sunday, May 08, 2005


Celine Dion

Celine Dion

I'm wearing POTL EdT today but I've talked about that one in the past and couldn't quite decide on what to test on my arm today when I stumbled across the Celine Dion bottle that I won in a contest.

As cheesy as Celine Dion is, I still like her! I've bought her albums in the past and know several of the songs by heart which is evident by my Celine Dion karaoke impression along with the signature chest beating.

The notes in this fragrance are:

Top: Red berry, peppercorn poppy, cyclamen, water lily and muguet.
Middle: Tahitian tiare flower, mimosa, orange blossom and yellow rose.
Bottom: Amber, sandalwood, blonde woods and musk.

This is a fruity white floral fragrance, the red berries are strong at first but disappear after about twenty minutes and then it's a bouquet of light white flowers. After about forty minutes, the bottom notes are what remain of this fragrance and in my opinion that is what I like best about the fragrance. It's a shame that the bottom notes are so soft in this fragrance because I think it would be even better if they were stronger.

I think this is a fragrance that would be worn best in warmer months as an all day fragrance. I didn't have high expectations for this fragrance as it went from being sold from department store to drug store in a matter of a few weeks. I probably wouldn't purchase this once the bottle runs out, it's nice to have options.

It retails for $44/3.4 oz but can be found in stores and online for much, much less.

I caved and bought the POTL (thanks to Lucia's great tip about the code.) It is a very unusual and strong fragrance.
Dang, girl, you win a LOT of contests.
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