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I thought Cacao was the worst fragrance I had ever tested until I did the dreaded CumCao which is equal parts Cumming and Cacao.

When I first applied it to my skin the Cacao went straight to the port a potty fragrance while cumming remained strong with it's very fragrant evergreen scent. It smelled a lot like a port a potty that had hadn't been cleaned for days and had been sitting in the hot summer sun that was sprayed one too many times with a pine air freshener.

I'm telling you, this was bad and incredibly gagatrocious! Thankfully, Cumming won the battle and took over Cacao after a few minutes so I did end up smelling lovely in the end! CumCao is not for those who have weak hearts or have a strong sense of smell.

This is the fragrance you give to people you truly hate. If it were to be bottled, I imagine the bottle would be in the shape of a toilet and the box would look like an outhouse. All proceeds of this fragrance should go to the maintence of public restrooms around the world.

To create your own CumCao you can purchase both Cumming and Cacao at Beautyhabit. Cumming is $69/3.4 oz. and Cacao is $140/.25 oz. If you are brave enough and I truly triple dog dare you to request samples of the two and four other samples from Beautyhabit for $11.

The book Everybody Poops is sold at most bookstores and retails for $12.95

My boys love that book, and they crack up everytime at the line "a one-humped camel makes a one-humped poop, and a two humped camel makes a two-humped poop."

I'm dying to try Cumming, but CumCao... oh nooooo. I haven't the guts (or the nose) for it.
ruh-roh. please do not send me this fragrance for what i think about anime. please. because deep down you are a NICE person.
Oh my gawd, I can not believe you actually tried CumCao, but it was your idea in the first place after all. May I presume the blend with Fracas gets sampled tomorrow? Was it called FraCumCao or CumCaoCas?

Everyone Poops and The Gas We Pass are both considered top notch must read pieces of literature around here.
CumCao was by far the worst fragrance experiences I've ever endured! As a child my parents took us to see a ballet and I had to sit next to this lady who was passing gas during the entire performance. During intermission, I tried to get my sister to switch seats with me but she didn't want to so I sat there nearly sobbing during the rest of the performance!

CumCaoCas sounds very interesting but I don't dare venture there! I worry that I have singed enough of my nostrils already!
You are so brave to try your experiments on yourself! Scientific knowledge marches onward thanks to selfless people like you.
CumCao is the *best* scent ever and I hope no one here thinks otherwise!
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