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Eau de Charlotte

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I can't eat cake but I can smell like it. I asked Earthen Treasures to blend Sweet Crème Cake and Buttercream into their honey 'n shea lotion which they labeled as Butter Crème Cake.

I love to layer this lotion with Annick Goutal's Eau de Charlotte.

It is described on the Annick Goutal website as:
Sweet, mischievous, fruity, floral

For the mischievous, romantic woman.

Close your eyes and imagine the boldness of blackcurrant bud, and the sweet roundness of mimosa and cocoa.

A blend of fruit and flowers for a sweet and spiritual scent with a hint of romanticism.

Created for Annick Goutal's step-daughter who wanted a fragrance to smell like her favorite blackcurrant jam, Eau du Charlotte is a deliciously mellow blend of blackcurrant buds, mimosa, and cocoa. A sweet and spiritual scent with a hint of romanticism.

The Notes in Eau de Charlotte are:
Blackcurrant Bud, Lily of the Valley, Mimosa, Cocoa, Vanilla

This to me is a perfect lazy Sunday fragrance, when you have a late breakfast with biscuits and jam while pouring over the newspaper.

It's fruitier than it is floral and there is a light cocoa scent at the end, but it's more like an unsweetened cocoa scent.

When I layer this lotion with Eau de Charlotte, I smell like a buttercream cake that has a thin layer of blackberry jam in the middle. Together, it makes a bedtime fragrance and that is when I wear it the most.

Today was an exception as I'm craving cake in a major way and want to be surrounded by it's scent as I can't eat it thanks to gaining .8lbs!

Butter Crème Cake Honey & Shea Hand and Body Lotion $8.99/8oz. is sold through EarthenTreasures

Eau de Charlotte $95/3.3oz is available anywhere the Annick Goutal line is sold or through Sephora.

You're making me want this! Alas, I have sworn off Annick Goutals since I learned how quickly they turn.

But this and Petit Cherie sound SO good. *sigh* And that LOTION. GAAK.
I'm so iffy with Annick Goutals as well, last summer my sister and I were testing them at Nordstroms and almost all were bad! :(

The lotion is divine and I appreciate both scents even more when they are blended together!
Hello dearest S! It is a beauty and I wore this years ago and had some of the funnest years of my life. :)

I bet it smelled divine on you and I bet it brings back wonderful memories!
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