Saturday, May 14, 2005


The Eyes

The eyes

The makeup was so much better in person, we took about twenty pictures and this was the best one out of all of them - please excuse the big mother nose in the way and just focus on the eyes.

I'm a blinker and half a dozen times she threatened to punch me if I kept blinking. I told her I was the perfect person to work on because there are going to be lots of blinkers out there. She said it was my fault that I never get a good makeover because of the blinking problem. *sobs*

I was really impressed by her work - it really looked much better in person and is so far the best makeup job I've had applied to my face!

Sand, you're gorgeous! And I like the MU; I've always loved silvery hues on dark eyes--so bombshell. I don't like those cameras that accentuate whatever's in closest proximity. But you're still pretty so you've nothing to worry about.
So pretty, S!! I could never quite master the eyeshadow under the eyes without looking like a strung out zombie but you pull it off so well! :D Perfect color, too! Oh yeah, right after I get my Cousin Larry clones to steal Hope's ears, they're coming back for your eyes. They're going to lure you in with a variety of boneless meats! You can have my little beady pea green ones. Maaaaan, I want big brown eyes, useful siblings, and a dog with The Best Ears on Earth! Some people have alllll the luck! ;) By the way, I had a dream about an elephant wearing a tutu.. I can't remember all the details but it also involved me saving Marky Mark from a group of angry Italian deli owners! This is your fault!
beautiful eyes! beautiful!
Sand, did you take that with a digital camera?
Can I just say this? It's not your nose--it's the lens. Most digicams and disposables have wide angle lenses and they distort the face and often accentuate the nose. A long lens "flattens" an image and often makes flattering portraits. Rock on, girl--you're beautiful.
Your eyes are so very beautiful and the makeup is da bomb...Sweet & Sexy Sand,indeed!
Stunning! Now this reminds me that I should expand my horizons with MY eyeshadow, LOL!
Kathey :)
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